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Sterling Offers New Caulkless Shower Enclosures


By: Dillon Widder

Is your shower the ultimate eye sore of your home? Is it filled with unsightly old caulk in desperate need of replacing? The solution to your bathroom bind may be to replace your existing shower with the new caulkless Accord Showers by Sterling.

The innovative new design which installs directly into wall studs uses interlocking wall clips that provide an audible click when properly installed. A full-size shower measuring up to 60" x 36" x 77" can be installed without the usual 24 hours needed for caulk to dry, saving both time and money. Made completely of Sterling's Vikrell material, the shower is also well protected from chipping, scratching and peeling.

Other features of Sterling's new caulkless shower include:

  • An optional 12" x 16" seat for optimum comfort
  • Optional grab bars
  • A new water management system to prevent leaks
  • Larger, deeper shelves able to hold twice as much as other standing shower units
  • An easy-to-clean, high-gloss surface capable of repelling water and dirt.

New caulkless Accord Showers by Sterling are available at Cowan Supply, PDI and Ferguson showrooms in Atlanta. Check out more new home improvement products on our blog.

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