2024 Kitchen & Bath Planner and Workbook

Elegant kitchen design featuring island with seats

Plan Your Dream Kitchen or Bath

Ready to begin your dream renovation? This interactive planner asks every question to guide you in organizing all of the details before breaking ground on your kitchen and/or bathroom remodel. Turn the page to get inspired and bring your vision to life.

To make it easier click to download this fillable pdf of the Kitchen and Bath Planner

The Big Picture

Antique vanity mirror, exquisite bathroom faucet.

When do you want to begin this project?

When do you want to complete it?

Do you want your kitchen/bath to have:
____more efficient storage
____ more efficient space planning
____ a simple cosmetic makeover
____ a complete renovation
____ updated features
____ a partial renovation (such as reworking the prep area or adding an island)

Will a professional prepare the plans?
____ builder/contractor
____ architect
____ interior designer
____ certified kitchen or bath designer

Will you do any of the installation work?     ____ yes      ____ no

What is the budget for this project?
____ less than $12,000
____ $12,000-$30,000
____ $30,000-$45,000
____ $45,000-$60,000
____ $60,000-$80,000
____ $80,000-$100,000
____ $100,000 & above

Do you want your kitchen/bath to have?
____ more room
____ less room

____ less upkeep
____ better layout/flow

____ updated features
____ more natural light
____ more open spaces

Do you have a sketch of your ideas?     ____ yes      ____ no

How long do you plan to stay in the remodeled or new house? (This should help you figure out the breakdown of price per year.)

How many people live in the house?
____ adults
____ children
____ extended family

Do you plan to expand your family?     ____ yes      ____ no

Does your family have special needs?
____ dietary restrictions
____ kosher
____ memory-impaired
____ medical
____ vision-impaired
____ allergies
____ mobility (ramps)
____ security (valuables)
____ safety (children)
____ seated use of kitchen
____ home schooling space
Additional information

What pets do you have?
Where do they eat?
Spend their time?

Do you buy pet food in bulk? 
If yes, what type?  
____ dry  
____ canned

Prioritize the following options:
(1) very important      (2) important     (3) not important
____ function of space
____ traffic flow through space
____ space for multiple cooks in kitchen
____ eco-friendly products
____ materials made in the USA
____ brand name of materials
____ budget flexibility
____ time frame of project
____ storage
____ technology  
Additional information

Consider your needs for the use of your kitchen or bath during the renovation:

Will you need to access to this space during the construction?   ____ yes    ____ no

Will you need a temporary kitchen?    ____ yes    ____ no

Will contractors travel through rooms not involved in the renovation (i.e. bedrooms) to access the work area?  ____ yes    ____ no  

The Kitchen

Would do you like about your kitchen?

Would do you dislike about your kitchen?

What style would you like your new kitchen to have?
____ contemporary
____ traditional
____ eclectic
____ transitional
____ themed design (such as Old World or vintage)

Do you want to use any architectural design features in your kitchen?
____ trey ceiling
____ vaulted ceiling
____ beamed ceiling
____ coffered ceiling
____ decorative columns

____ bay window
____ fireplace
____ additional windows
____ Other

Do you want to:
____ change doors or windows
____ add an island
____ change flooring
____ change the layout of the work center
____ add a pet center
____ incorporate space from an adjacent room
____ consider a room addition
____ have a raised or vaulted ceiling

What colors do you want in your kitchen

If you have decided on an island, would it be used for: 
____ food prep
____ sink
____ cooking
____ Other

What colors are you considering for your new kitchen?

Cabinets & Countertops
Plan for current cabinetry:
____ replace
____ reface  
____ paint
____ add cabinets
____ increase height
____ reduce height
____ reduce number of cabinets 
____ preferred color
____ preferred style
____ preferred wood species
____ type of cabinet interiors

____type of drawer slides

Do you want to incorporate architectural details in your cabinets?
____ crown molding
____ arches
____ wainscot
____ glass doors
____ open shelving
____ cabinets with feet, valances or furniture bases
____ Other

Plan for current countertops:

____ replace
____ reuse
____ preferred color
____ preferred style

____ preferred edge treatment

If replacing countertops, what type of material do you want to use?
____ laminate
____ wood
____ ceramic tile
____ stainless steel
____ granite
____ marble
____ solid surface
____ glass
____ concrete
____ limestone
____ stone composite
____ lava stone 
____ manufactured quartz
____ quartzite
____ Other

Would you like to have more countertop space around your:
____ cooktop
____ oven
____ sink
____ refrigerator
____ Other

How does your family treat your cabinets and countertops?
____ rough
____ gentle

What materials would you consider for a backsplash?
____ glass tiles
____ glass panels
____ tile
____ natural stone
____ stainless steel
____ granite
____ solid surface

Appliances & Fixtures
Do you plan on having:

____ natural gas
____ propane gas
____ electric
____ dual fuel

Which of the following do you want?
____ food disposal
____ icemaker
____ dishwasher
____ warming drawer
____ trash compactor
____ gas cooktop
____ range
____ touch faucet
____ induction cooktop
____ microwave
____ single oven
____ double oven
____ undercounter oven
____ griddle
____ convection cooking oven
____ grill
____ halogen cooking oven
____ fryer
____ steam oven
____ steamer
____ wok burner
____ energy efficient appliances
____ built-in coffee/espresso maker
____ dishwasher drawers
____ undercounter refrigeration
____ water purification
____ heater in toe kick
____ decorative hood
____ charging station/drop zone
____ Other

What small appliances do you use in the kitchen?
____ blender
____ hand mixer
____ electric mixer
____ food processor
____ bread machine
____ nut chopper
____ juicer
____ electric can opener
_____ toaster/toaster oven
____ slow cooker
____ coffee maker/grinder
____ Other

Will you require special kitchen appliances?
____ gourmet
____ baking
____ frying
____ canning
____ candy making
____ steaming
____ Other

If you plan to add a new refrigerator, what kind do you want?
____ slide-in
____ built-in look
____ freestanding
____ built-in
____ side-by-side
____ double doors
____ refrigerated drawers
____ freezer drawers
____ refrigerator over freezer drawer

If you plan to add a new microwave, what kind do you want?
____ countertop
____ built-in above cooktop
____ built-in microwave drawer
____ built-in cabinet

For ventilation, what type of vent hood do you want?
____ updraft
____ downdraft
____ recirculating

Is your ventilation:
____ adequate
____ noisy
____ ugly
____ nonexistent
____ venting to outside

What color/type finish do you want on your appliances?
____ white
____ black
____ stainless steel
____ match the cabinetry
____ Other

What style sink do you prefer:
____ single basin
____ double basin
____ triple basin
____ apron front
____ integral sink
____ minimum depth of basin(s)
____ minimum width of basin(s)

What sink finish/material do you want?
____ stainless steel
____ enameled steel
____ porcelain
____ Siligranite®
____ glass
____ Other

What faucet type do you want?
____ standard
____ gooseneck
____ pull-out spray
____ water purifier
____ bridge
____ commercial high rise
____ pot-filler
____ Other

What faucet finish do you want?
____ polished brass
____ brushed nickel
____ oil-rubbed bronze
____ copper
____ polished nickel
____ chrome
____ Other

What electronic components do you want?
____ built-in stereo
____ desktop computer
____ TV
____ cable hook-up
____ intercom
____ security system
____ laptop computer
____ tablet computer
____ charging station
____ Other

What type of lighting do you prefer?
____ windows
____ skylight
____ under cabinet
____ toe kick
____ recessed
____ decorative
____ artwork spots
____ pendant
____ xenon
____ ceiling fan
____ LED
____ chandelier
____ soffit
____ Other

What flooring material do you prefer?
____ vinyl
____ laminate
____ stone tile
____ ceramic tile
____ wood
____ carpet
____ radiant heat
____ cork
____ bamboo
____ stained concrete
____ Other


How often do you shop for groceries?
____ daily
____ weekly
____ biweekly
____ monthly

Do you frequently shop in bulk for groceries?   ____ yes      ____ no

How many people will be cooking or helping with preparation in the kitchen?
adults ____           children ____

Are the primary cooks:
____ right-handed.    ____ left-handed

What are their heights?

How does the family use the kitchen?
____ daily heat-and-serve meals
____ daily full course meals from scratch
____ weekend quantity cooking
____ relaxing
____ games
____ weekend family meals
____ hobby cooking/baking
____ reading
____ plating food for serving
____ homework
____ TV family center
____ Other

How many people eat during:
____daily family meals
____ dinner parties (seated)
____ dinner parties (buffet)
____ family holiday dinners (seated)
____ family holiday dinners (buffet)
____ large parties (buffet)

What type of entertaining do you do?
____ cocktail party
____ barbecue
____ sit-down dinners
____ buffet
____ Other

How often do you entertain?____________________

What type of eating area do you want?
____ table (round/rectangle/square/hexagon/octagon)
____ bench
____ banquette or booth
____attached table
____ counter-height bar
____raised bar
____ lower bar
____ Other

Will you use electronic devices in the kitchen?  (check all that apply)
____ tablet/smartphone
____ desktop computer
____ laptop
____ small television (32 inches or less)
____ large television (larger than 32″)
____ home automation control interface
____ iPod docking station
____ Other

Do you like to be the only cook in the kitchen, with your guests close by in a space that opens into the kitchen?
____ yes        ____ no

Do you like your guests to help you with meal preparation?   ____ yes       ____ no

Do you use caterers to prepare meals for entertaining?  ____ yes      ____ no

Do you store wine?  ____ yes    ____ no

How many bottles of:
____ red.   ____ white.   ____ investment

____ collection.   ____ single bottles    ____ cases

Do you want:
____ an open wine cabinet
____ a wine cellar
____ a small wine cooler
____ a large wine cooler

Would you like a recyclables-sorting station in the:
____ kitchen
____ utility room
____ garage
____ basement
____ mudroom
____ outside

Do you use the kitchen as a home office to:
____ sort coupons/mail
____ pay bills
____ store games
____ do homework
____ prepare shopping lists and recipes

Do you want space for:
____ bulletin board
____ artwork wall
____ memo/chalkboard
____ calendar
____ family organization center
____ Other

Do you display decorative items such as pottery, china, baskets, etc.?   ____ yes       ____ no

Where do you store bulk items?
____ kitchen pantry
____ garage
____ mudroom
____ laundry room
____ basement

Approximately how many cookbooks do you have? ____
Do you prefer to have the books:
____ visible   ____ behind close doors

If you use recipes online, do you need a place for your tablet or laptop? ____ yes   ____ no

Do you use an extra freezer for storage outside the kitchen?  ____ yes      ____ no

How do you store fresh foods?
____ refrigerator
____ baskets in cabinet
____ cellar storage
____ Other

How do you store bread?
____ refrigerator
____ freezer
____ cabinet
____ bread drawer
____ countertop

How do you store linens and how much space is required?
____ hanging   ____ folded

Where would you like to place your fire extinguisher? ____

Do you require a separate utility cabinet for brooms, a vacuum or cleaning supplies?  ____ yes     ____ no

Do you require storage for a vacuum cleaner?  ____ yes      ____ no

Would you like to add these specialized storage accessories to your cabinetry? 
____ Lazy Susan
____ toe kick stepstool
____ ironing board
____ towel bar
____ rollout shelves/drawers
____ pullout table for two
____ pot rack
____ recycling/waste bins
____ child locks
____ locked storage
____ liquor storage
____ corner drawers
____ tarnish-resistant silver storage
____ vertical dividers for trays and cutting boards
____ drawers in toe kick
____ tilt-out sponge tray
____ spice rack
____ cutting boards
____ dishdrawer pegs
____ wire baskets
____ wicker baskets
____ area for pet food
____ pantry with rollout shelves
____ pantry with swinging shelves
____ pantry with can racks on doors
____ utensil slots (fixed or adjustable)
____ knife storage in drawer
____ knife storage in block on countertop
____ knife storage on wall magnet


The Bathroom
What do you like about your present bathroom? ____
What do you dislike about your present bathroom?____
Do you want a more efficient floor plan?  ____ yes      ____ no

Do you want to move interior walls to enlarge the bathroom?  ____ yes      ____ no

Do you want a raised or vaulted ceiling?  ____ yes      ____ no

What style would you like your new bathroom space to have?
____ sleek/contemporary
____ traditional
____ strictly functional
____ country
____ open and airy
____ formal
____ warm and cozy
____ spa-like
____ Other

What colors are you considering for your new bathroom? ____

How many people use the bathroom?

How many people use the bathroom at the same time?

What activities will take place in the bathroom?
____ dressing
____ applying makeup/hair care
____ showering
____ sauna
____ bathing/soaking
____ laundry
____ drip-drying clothes
____ TV viewing
____ USB charging

If used for hair and makeup, will it be:
____ in front of a mirror
____ standing up
____ sitting down at a vanity

What type of cabinet interior storage interests you?
____ Lazy Susan
____ drawers
____ linen closet
____ towel warmer (hydronic or electric)
____ warming drawers for robes and/or towels
____ medicine cabinet
____ rollout shelves
____ toe kick stepstool
____ ironing board
____ refrigeration for makeup and/or medicine
____ electrical outlets in cabinets and/or drawers

What cabinet features do you want?
____ wood
____ steel
____ glass doors
____ decorative laminate
____ organizational fittings
____ safe for valuables (large/small)
____ Other

Will architectural details be used?
____ arch
____ pilasters
____ wainscot
____ crown molding
____ floating cabinets
____ feet, valances or furniture bases on cabinets

Fixtures & Accessories

Will you keep the existing bathroom fixtures?   ____ yes      ____ no

Do you want:
____ a single vanity
____ double vanities 
____ separate vanities
____ a pedestal sink
____ antique-looking cabinetry

What kind of vanity top do you want?
____ laminate
____ ceramic tile
____ glass
____ limestone
____ stainless steel
____ marble
____ lava stone
____ wood
____ solid surface
____ granite
____ stone composite
____ manufactured quartz

Do you want:
____ a standard tub
____ a jetted tub
____ freestanding tub
____ corner tub
____ tub/shower combination
____ walk-in tub
____no tub
____ recessed tub
____ soaking tub
____ Other

What size do you want?  Length____     Width____     Depth____

How many people should it hold? ____
What kind of tub? ____

____ air jets
____ water jets
____ handheld shower
____ grab bars
____ heating element
____ music
____ lighting
____ chromatherapy (therapeutic colored light)

What style of shower do you want?

____ curbless
____ glass enclosure
____ premolded
____ steam

What size?   Length ____    Width ____    Height ____

How many people should it hold? ____

____ natural stone
____ solid surface
____ porcelain tile
____ stone tiles
____ stone slab

____ grab bars
____ foot rest
____ built-in or wall-mounted seat
____ body sprays
____ steam element
____ soap/shampoo shelf
____ regular showerhead
____ hand-held showerhead
____ multiple showerheads
____ rain showerhead
____ digital control
____ music
____ aromatherapy

What style and type of toilet do you want?
____ bidet
____ toilet/bidet combo
____ dual flush
____ one piece
____ wall-mount
____ comfort height

What style and type of faucets do you want?
____ wide spread          ____ wall-mount
single hole/handle

Do you want a place for your bathroom scale? ______

What style mirror do you prefer?
____ frame mirror      ____ full-width glass plate
____ mirrored medicine cabinets

Which features do you want in your exhaust/ventilation fan?  
____ light
____ light and heat
____ timer
____ humidity sensor
____ night light

Do you want an entertainment center?   ____ yes       ____ no

Which of the following items will you use in your bathroom?
____ blow dryer
____ electric razor
____ curling/straightening iron
____ electronic toothbrush
____ lighted makeup mirror
____ refrigerator
____ sauna
____ towel warmer (hydronic, electric, wall-mounted, freestanding)
____ Other

What type of storage do you need?
____ hamper
____ towels
____ bed linens
____ laundry facilities
____ clothing closets
____ books or magazines
____ makeup
____ shaving equipment
____ paper products
____ cleaning supplies
____ Other

What kind of lighting do you want?
____ soffit
____ LED
____ CFL
____ xenon
____ night light
____ ceiling light/fan
____ overhead
____ under cabinet
____ toe kick
____ pendant
____ recessed cans
____ decorative
____ chandelier
____ Other

What additional heating do you want in the bathroom?
____ heat lamp
____ auxiliary heater
____ radiant floor heat
____ towel warmer
____ warming drawer

Do you want room for a chair, chest or bench?  ____ yes    ____ no

Do you want a special window?  ____ yes      ____ no

Do you want a skylight or skylight?     ____ yes    ____ no

Do you want display shelves? 

 ____open         ____wood
____behind glass      ____glass
 ____built-in       ____freestanding

What flooring do you plan on using?
____ vinyl
____ ceramic/porcelain
____ wood
____ cork
____ stained concrete
____ stone tile
____radiant heat
____ Other



Know Your Kitchen Layouts

Before you even think about renovating, you must first have a sense of what you’re working with. Or what you’re working toward!

Below, we list four types of basic kitchen layouts, according to the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). All of these illustrate the concept of the “work triangle,” or the distance between the three main work areas: sink, cooktop and refrigerator. For maximum efficiency, the work triangle should follow these guidelines:

•Each triangle leg should be 4 to 9 feet long, and the sum of the three should not exceed 26 feet.

•Cabinetry should not intersect any leg of the triangle.

•General traffic patterns should not interfere with the work triangle.

•Islands should have at least 3 to 4 feet of aisle on each side. Avoid placing the island between two points of the triangle.

GALLEY (TWO WALL)  |  The galley consists of two facing walls and usually is found in condos and apartments. The work triangle is efficient, but the aisle between the two countertops is narrow. This option is a good plan for one cook.

L-SHAPE|In this kitchen design, two perpendicular walls contain the three main elements—sink, cooktop and refrigerator—to create a natural triangle. The L-shape kitchen generally will have ample counter space and lends itself to the inclusion of an island.

U-SHAPE  |  The U-shape kitchen uses three walls, or two walls with an attached peninsula. This layout is very efficient because it allows the cook to pivot among the stations, provides excellent storage and can accommodate two cooks. A center island often is included in the larger versions of this plan.

G-SHAPE|This option is basically a U-shaped kitchen with a fourth wall, which is usually opposite the sink and contains additional appliances, a pantry or a desk. Generally one of the largest layouts, the G-shape allows for more amenities than any other layout.



When deciding where to put cabinets and appliances in relation to each other, it can be helpful to think in terms of zones or work zones. This approach, which focuses on function rather than objects, means you’ll end up with an everyday friendly and efficient kitchen.

The three main zones, in relation to the working triangle, are: storage (fridge, freezer and dry storage), washing (sink and dishwasher) and cooking (cooktop, oven and microwave). Placing them well is crucial to achieving an ergonomic work triangle with a natural workflow and everything within reach.

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