Designers Create Private Retreats for You (and Your Wardrobe)

By Stacy Moser

The latest trends in closet design reimagine its very purpose. Designers are creating bright closet spaces, filled with natural and LED light, as opposed to darker, heavier dressing areas of the past. They are repurposing little-used rooms of the house into dream closets that invite one to slow down and stay a bit. Bye-bye drab storage space―hello inviting retreat. No matter what your budget, it’s easy to add a few clever design elements to expand your own closet’s functionality and ramp up its style.

Take Advantage of Height

“My design maximized every square inch of this closet,” designer Scott Barnes explains. He “went tall” to capture territory for displays with ceiling-height cabinetry in a trendy gray-brown wood finish. Jay Kim, owner of Tailored Living in North Atlanta, says closet design has changed over the years―what used to be top-end upgrades, like soft-closing dovetail drawers, are now expected design elements.


Make the Closet a Destination

Reimagine your master closet as a room to visit, rather than just a place to store your wardrobe. Add a comfortable lounge chair to invite family members to relax and take their shoes off. White cabinetry against a darker wall has the look of furniture, and framed artwork also creates the illusion of the room as a living space.


Add Some Glam

Michael Habachy, owner of Habachy Designs, explains his closet-design strategy. “I completely enclose the wardrobe with mirrored doors so that clothes stay dust-free and the room seems larger. If it has high ceilings, add glamour with a chandelier. I like to add a lounging area. My clients hang out with their kids when they’re getting ready to go―it’s a gathering place, not just a storage area.”


Highlight Haute Habits

Designer Amber Longo says of this closet retreat, “We wanted an open, airy concept. Windows allow fresh air, but for privacy and to prevent wardrobe items from fading, we installed custom, UV-resistant window treatments. Also, think about your habits―do you fold jeans or hang them up? How about a vanity for makeup space? An ottoman can provide extra storage too.”