2020 Kitchen & Bath Design Contest: Meriwether Designs

Kathryn McAdams, Meriwether Designs

1) What is your official title and do you have any special design qualifications? Co-Owner – Lead Designer – Kathryn McAdams

2) How long have you been designing kitchens and baths? More than 10 years.

3) What was the most challenging part of this design? Combining the two different tastes of the homeowners. He wanted modern, she wanted a rustic farm look.

4) What were the client’s needs for this bath and in the end their favorite feature(s) of this design? Bathroom – For me, it is the tile in the vanity niche and the lighting. This is where his modern aesthetic came out and the tile is all her. Kitchen – the hood was a custom metal design that really made the space and became the focal point of the main floor.

Beautiful soaking tub by window
Photography by Sarah Dorio

5) What is your general design philosophy when it comes to kitchens/bathrooms? Make it personal to the clients. Our homes should be beautiful and functional. 

6) Did you have a special look, feeling, or feature in mind when crafting this space, or what was your inspiration? I always go for Timeless, whether that is a traditional look or contemporary I am always looking for what will look good in 15-20 years.

7) Please list four manufacturers of pieces in your design (lighting, cabinets, tile, vanity, etc). Currey and Co Lighting, custom cabinetry and hood, Countertop is MSI Callacutta Bella Quartz, Tile from MODA.

8) What is the square footage of this design (it doesn’t have to be exact you can estimate)?300 square feet – bathroom and kitchen where about the same size

9) Can you give homeowner’s three tips to help create a similar design? Keep it clean… Pick one to two statements and then make sure everything supports them. People often add too many statements pieces and everything becomes muddled because of it. We always need a Meryle Streep but we also need some Stanley Tucci’s.

10) What is a common mistake homeowners make when redesigning their kitchen/bath?It’s important to find out your personal taste and own it, especially in rooms that you can’t change easily like bathrooms and kitchens. That’s the only way to be above trends because when it is something that deeply resonates with you it will always be timeless.

Details: www.meriwetherdesigngroup.com

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