2020 Kitchen & Bath Design Contest: 2nd Place Bath, Barclay Stone Interiors

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Barclay Stone, Barclay Stone Interiors

Barclay Stone, Owner of  Barclay Stone Interiors and member of the American Society for Interior Designers (ASID), made this small guest bath pop with bold patterned wallpaper. As with many designs, the majority of her challenges came when demolition uncovered some unexpected repairs. “Plan for the best and expect the worst!” Barclay advises. The custom wood and mirrored vanity provides needed storage for the bathroom’s dual purpose of guest bath and first-floor powder room. www.barclaystoneinteriors.com

Bathroom Details:

  • Wallpaper: Thibaut
  • Faucets: Delta
  • Lighting: Visual Comfort

Tips to Make it Yours: 

  • Wallpaper packs a punch in a small space, be bold
  • Using a mirror adds the appearance of space and a touch of elegance
  • Don’t forget to accessorize, even bathrooms can use some art

Uncut Q&A

1) What is your official title and do you have any special design qualifications?

Owner of Barclay Stone Interiors.  I’m an Allied Member of ASID.

2) How long have you been designing kitchens and baths?

I started Barclay Stone Interiors in 2009.  I specialize in creating classic, sophisticated & happy entertaining & living spaces for young families who’ve just purchased their dream home.  

mirror and sink vanity with gold burst wallpaper
Photography by CatMax Photography

3) What was the most challenging part of this design?

The most challenging part of this design occurred when we opened up the walls and ripped up the existing linoleum floor during demolition.  We discovered we needed a new sub-floor and we found out the existing tub was yellow and had been sprayed white and there was a problem with some of the existing plumbing parts.  They were all unexpected bumps in the process, but ones that could be resolved relatively easily.

4) What were the client’s needs for this bath and in the end their favorite feature(s) of this design?

This bathroom had two functions: to serve as a guest bedroom bath and a first floor powder room for guests.  The existing bathroom had one light source in the entire space, so it was very dark.  My client really needed lots of storage space, both hidden and open, for towels, toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning supplies.  The existing shower head needed to be raised significantly in order for one to take a shower.  And, the commode was old and low to the ground.  

Their favorite feature was the custom wood and mirror vanity that we designed for storage.  It adds a lot of simplistic glamour to the space.

5) What is your general design philosophy when it comes to kitchens/bathrooms?

Bathroom renovations can be expensive.  However, these renovations are a great return on your investment when you go to sell your home.  Therefore, make sure you create a classic, timeless bathroom design that will stand the test of time and serve all of your clients needs.  Plan for the best and expect the worst!  

6) Did you have a special look, feeling, or feature in mind when crafting this space or what was your inspiration?

My client wanted a neutral colored bathroom and she was intending to paint the walls.  Because my client has a fun and outgoing personality, I knew that she needed something more fun, youthful and zippy than plain painted walls.  My inspiration for this bathroom design was the bronze radiating star wallpaper (Thibaut Wallpaper’s “Bahia”) that I found and showed her (probably 1 year) before she was ready to renovate her bathroom.  

7) What is a common mistake homeowners make when redesigning their kitchen/bath?

Planning for the unknown and incorporating details in your design can make all the difference!  When renovating a space, you never know what you’re going to encounter once you open up those walls!  Sometimes the very best design plans have to be quickly scrapped and new ideas generated when things go awry.

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