2020 Kitchen & Bath Design: Steiner Pope

Dana Pope, Steiner Pope

1) What is your official title and do you have any special design qualifications? Steiner Pope Interior Design ~ Kerry Steiner & Dana Pope

2) How long have you been designing kitchens and baths?  20 years

3) What was the most challenging part of this design?  Working with clients that were living in the house during the renovation

4) What were the client’s needs for this kitchen and in the end their favorite feature(s) of this design? The clients wanted a highly functional yet casually elegant, timeless design they wouldn’t tire of for many years…if ever!  Their favorite overall feature is the excellent balance of work space and lounge space so everyone can be together without being in anyone’s way. 

5) What is your general design philosophy when it comes to kitchens/bathrooms? Timeless…but never boring. Every space needs that one special “pop.”

6) Did you have a special look, feeling, or feature in mind when crafting this space or what was your inspiration?  This space took on a bit of a classic vintage vibe… think 20’s French pastry shoppe meets today’s clean lines. 

7) Please list four manufacturers of pieces in your design (lighting, cabinets, tile, vanity, etc).  Visual Comfort, Lee Industries, Traditions in Tile, Emtek

8) What is the square footage of this design (it doesn’t have to be exact you can estimate)?  400 square feet

9) Can you give homeowner’s three tips to help create a similar design? Keep the bases very classic. Don’t over design with detail. Add in the pops with things like lighting and furniture. 

10) What is a common mistake homeowners make when redesigning their kitchen/bath Homeowners tend to follow current trends they may tire of over time versus keeping with a classic style

Details: www.steinerpope.com

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