4 Creative Tips for Decorating this Holiday Season

White stocking hung in front of fireplace with garland

Messy holiday decor on the floor under a christmas tree

by Maggie Hodges, Whitmire Custom Homes


With the holiday season almost here, now is the time to start brainstorming ways to make your home festive with holiday décor.

Many of us are guilty of decorating our homes with the exact same holiday decorations placed in the exact same spot in our house. But, with a creative eye, you will soon see that your home offers many opportunities to decorate in a style that is different from years past, but still all your own.

Here are a few tips to help you brainstorm some great new ways to spruce up your home during the holidays.

A green christmas garland wrapped up the staircase of a home

1. Use the stairs.

Many times we often overlook our staircase when it comes time to decorate. This year, try interweaving garland around spiral poles or railings and even consider hanging small decorative ornaments from it to add an extra sparkle.

2. Change it up.

Instead of placing your Christmas tree in the exact same corner, consider giving it a new location. Try rearranging your furniture to accommodate the new look. You might even like the new layout better than the original!

3. Look for the angles.

Lit Christmas tree with many ornamentsHomes often have unique angles in common rooms such as the living room or kitchen. Consider accentuating the angle with a fresh evergreen wreath. You can even hang the wreath from a staircase balcony that might overlook one of these rooms. Some homes have built-in crevices that are perfect for placing fresh garland or even a candle.

4. Utilize the senses.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, don’t focus on just the sight of objects. Adding a seasonal candle to a kitchen table or making a fresh batch of potpourri to your coffee table can revolutionize a room. From evergreen to cinnamon to fresh apple pie, the holidays are full of seasonal aromas that are the perfect addition to any home.

By utilizing a little creativity, your house can have a holiday atmosphere that is truly all your own! 



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