8 Pieces to Craft an Eclectic Dining Room

Stylish living room interior design

Make it yours if YOU …

love being a part of the Interior design process—do it yourself!                                                    
need a welcoming space to entertain family and friends.
 • want eclectic pIeces with an antiquated feel.
Window Treatment: Home Decorators Collection Cut-to-Width Cordless Faux Wood Blind in White. HomeDepot.com
Bench: Custom-made seat made from recycled barnwood and other woods. 998 North Highland Ave. NE., Atlanta or UrbanCottageAtlanta.com
Rug: Jute Chenille Herringbone carpet. WestElm.com
Table: Cypress sawbuck dinner table with cypress top and Gray Swedish finish. 843 Senoia Rd., Tyrone, Ga. or Facebook.com/ ElementGardenAndHome
➎ Chairs: Eliane Collection's Flax dining chairs resemble the ones seen here. Pier1.com
➏ Light Fixture: Custom-made electrolier crafted from a titanium vintage military jet engine liner. 6959 US Highway 27, Blakely, Ga. or JTedderDesign.com
➐ Mirror: Place the Alcona Antiquated Silver Mirrors S/3 on your dining room wall to “replicate" the  look pictured here. OutrageousInteriors.com
➑ Spice Cabinet: Create a custom-made console similar to this one at Urban Cottage. 
998 North Highland Ave. NE., Atlanta or UrbanCottageAtlanta.com
This project was designed by homeowner Mande Harris. 
Mande Harris homeowner, beautiful living room interior designMande Harris:
Has lived in this 102-year-old Virginia-Highland home for two years.
A fan of antiques, she hand-selected each item in her 500-square-foot dining room.
“I have an eye for space planning," Mande says. "I love unique pieces that are made from real materials like authentic woods."
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