A first impression that reflects your style

A first impression that reflects your style

Entryways create your home’s first impression to new visitors. Whether you have an eclectic vibe or a traditional home, decorating your entryway is the ultimate way to express yourself to guests.

Knock, knock

New door trends embrace doors with detailing or windows. Consider whether you want a double door versus a single door. Or start by deciding which material is right for you. Wood doors are beautiful but can get damaged over time, especially if you don’t have a storm door installed. Steel doors and fiberglass  doors can be aesthetically pleasing, and some even resemble wood. Use windows as a border around your door to create a stylish look that is also convenient, allowing you to see visitors before opening.

Furniture options

Depending on how large an entryway is, there are options when it comes to furniture. Prioritizing your needs will help. For instance, is it important to have a sitting area where people can wait and linger? Or would it be more convenient to have a table for keys, mail or art? Maybe you would prefer to have a mirror or a beautiful painting in your entryway. All of these options are what makes each home unique and exciting to visit.

From ceiling to floor

From head to toe, entryways can be extravagant, depending on your style. Common flooring options include wood, marble, slate or tile. Or, you may want to make your entryway a little bit warmer by adding a beautiful rug. For 2-story entryways, you can add a dramatic lighting fixture or chandelier—there are many options when it comes to lighting at different levels of extravagance. If you’re thinking about installing a new lighting design, ask for a dimming system to have more control over mood and energy consumption.


set the stage

Many homeowners tend to neglect their entryways in the following ways:
• Clutter, including mail, shoes or coats
• Dirty floors from outside shoes
• Soiled windows
• No outside light or working doorbell
• Nowhere to hang coats
• Flower pots or chairs blocking the door

innovative ideas

• Install shelving to place pictures or other items—guests will be greeted with the inviting faces of your family members.
• Place fresh flowers or candles on a smaller table.
• Place an outside light switch near the door to help guests exit and enter.
• Designate a place beside the door to hold umbrellas, hats or walking canes for guests.
• For warm-weather months, install side windows that can be opened to allow fresh air and sunlight to stream in.

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