A She Shed Goes Country Chic

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What to do when one spouse can’t abandon city life and the other pines for country living? These homeowners asked HGTV’s Chip Wade, host of the Emmy award-winning TV show “Elbow Room,” to create a backyard in urban Buckhead that would work for both of them. The husband wanted an outback feel to the space, including room for a garden and chicken coop, and his wife wanted an art studio. 
Wade, who specializes in designing and constructing unexpected solutions to common design dilemmas, envisioned a whimsical space, ideal for both homeowners. Enter the She Shed, a new concept gaining popularity with women who want to stake a claim to the backyard with a space to escape their daily routine and revel in relaxing pursuits. The 400-square-foot She Shed he designed to house her artwork had a surprise—a waterfall adjacent to the structure. He and his team built a retaining wall with dry-stacked stones in colors that complement the patio’s pavers. Behind it, a hidden pump allows a bubbling stream to splash down into a small pond, adding to the “country” feel of the yard.
Finally, he researched eco-friendly materials for the She Shed and came up with a unique roofing solution—turf. He explains, “They will never have to cut the grass. It’s meant to grow wild, but will never get too tall. It’s super ecofriendly.” The grass will retain the sun’s heat in winter and keep the shed cool in the summer.  

Chip Wade
• Atlanta native, resides in Johns Creek 
• Owner and lead designer of Wade Works Creative, LLC 
• Emmy award-winning host for HGTV network
• Expertise: Interior and exterior home renovation. Works with homeowners and DIYers to create stylish, functional living spaces.


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