Artfully Arranged

Artfully Arranged

The design of built-in bookcases creates challenges for many homeowners. They ask themselves, “How do I create balance in the space? How do I accessorize without creating clutter? What size pieces should I use? Should I paint the back wall to make the unit stand out as a focal point?” Here are a few tips for taking a bookcase from basic to beautiful.

• Leaving the back wall unpainted allows the eye to travel without creating obstacles in the space.
• Create a cohesive flow on the center level of the unit. In this case, the gorgeous glass vase with the burnt orange arrangement helps to bring in the wall color from the adjacent space.
• Add some greenery. Every decor project should incorporate a touch of greenery, such as a plant or tree.
• Incorporate things you love, such as the elephant statues on this bookcase. A few accent pieces can create wonderful conversations for years to come.
• Introduce family photos when possible. The elegant glass and silver frame used here coordinates well with other items in the space.
• Candles are a must when decorating a bookcase, because they add a feel of elegance and also incorporate fragrance into the room. Another way to use fragrance is to hide potpourri in the base of a decorative box or fragrant sticks in a plant.
• Create peaks and valleys when accessorizing. Adjust the height of the shelves, lay books on a slant, and stack books on the left and right sides of the unit, as well as in the middle.

Top 10 Tips

1. Avoid clutter.
2. Add pieces you love.
3. Less is more.
4. Add color.
5. Add like items throughout the room.
6. Create peaks and valleys on the shelves.
7. Consider other items in the space.
8. Stack books in decorative positions.
9. Once complete, walk away and return after a few minutes for a fresh perspective.
10. Have fun!

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