Atlanta Travertine: Pros & Cons of this Popular Tile

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Travertine is a natural stone and popular building material, used in everything from floors, countertops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, showers and sinks. It can be polished, honed or textured.

But is it right for your home? Check out these pros and cons and decide!

Aesthetic appeal: Travertine tile has a luxurious appearance and comes in a wide variety of colors, from muted neutral shades to bright bold coral tones.
Ageless appearance: Travertine already looks weathered and is truly timeless. The Colosseum in Rome is composed mostly of travertine!
Cost: Travertine is as attractive and durable as marble, but costs less.
Impervious to temperature extremes: Travertine can stand up to extreme heat and cold.
Nonslip: The natural non-slip texture of travertine makes it a good flooring choice.

Porosity: Travertine is a very porous stone and even when the holes are filled in, the materials used to fill in the holes can wear down over time.
Acid sensitivity: Travertine is composed of calcium carbonate, which is highly reactive to vinegar, orange juice and other weak acid foods. Not ideal for kitchen counters!
Lack of uniform appearance: As travertine is a naturally occurring stone, not all the tiles in the shipment will look exactly the same.
Maintenance: A natural, soft stone, travertine is subject to staining and etching. Special products are required to clean and maintain its surface.

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