Meet Brooke Fortenberry, Solar Energy Advocate and 2023 Rising Stars Top 10

Brooke Fortenberry

Brooke Fortenberry | Age 27

Director of Solar Sales at First Class Roofing and Solar

Brooke Fortenberry has always been interested in renewable energy, but things got serious when she realized it could become a career. Today, as the director of sales with First Class Roofing and Solar, she exercises her passion by introducing clients to industry-leading products in solar energy and providing innovative ways to make solar energy accessible to more people.

What drives you to introduce solar panel roofing to more homeowners?
Solar gives power ownership back to the people. Homeowners purchase their homes to build equity in their lives, and energy should be no different. Why rent your power for years on end when you can turn your roof (or backyard) into a functional, clean power plant?

What advice would you give to other women working in solar energy?
Women are a minority in the solar industry, but our contribution is great and necessary. Educate yourself, take advantage of all the training opportunities available and don’t be afraid to speak up and make yourself a part of the big-picture conversations. Our voice needs to be heard.

What inspires you?

Being surrounded by colleagues that share the same passion for people and the environment is incredibly motivating, but I also think of solar as a win, win, win— it’s a win for the individual, the community and the environment—and that inspires me every day.

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