Capture the Dirt

Capture the Dirt

The style of vacuum you require is contingent on your cleaning routine. Manufacturers continue to produce new models, claiming new and better perks to their retired versions, but the appropriate model for your needs is based on what the device will be used for. Consider the following options, and you’ll be an educated buyer in no time.

Types of Vacuums
Upright vacuums are best used for deep-cleaning carpets.
    • Pro: Excellent for bending and lifting.
    • Con: Limited flexibility—difficult to balance on stairs.

Canister vacuums are typically used for bare floors, stairs, drapes and upholstery. 
    • Pro: Very flexible—the vacuum head fits under furniture and allows you to
    move only the head and hose.
    • Con: Effective on bare floors, not carpets.

Stick Sweepers
are best for light cleaning of carpets, bare floors and edges.
    • Pro: Quiet, offers long battery-run times.
    • Con: Not designed for heavy cleaning—often scatters debris.

Stick vacuums are best for light-duty cleaning on short-pile carpets and bare floors.
    • Pro: Proficient on both carpet and bare floors.
    • Con: Short run time.

Wet/Dry vacuums clean heavy dust, liquids and heavy debris.
    • Pro: Cleans tough messes.
    • Con: Noisy, high dust emissions.

Handheld vacuums are effective for spot cleanups on carpets and bare floors.
    • Pro: Handy for quick cleanups.
    • Con: Loses power quickly. 

Robotic vacuums are best on lighter surfaces and uncluttered areas.
    • Pro: Convenient, reduces manual labor, novelty item.
    • Con: Expensive.

Central Vacuum Systems
should be used like canisters, but are more convenient, as the body does not have to be carried.
    • Pro: Can be emptied infrequently.
    • Con: Requires professional installation.

Bagged vs. Bagless
Traditional vacuum cleaners contain a bag attached to the motor through a filter. Although many homeowners have a preference for these types of vacuums, the main drawback to a bagged system is making sure replacement bags and filters are easily available. Bagless vacuums carry the dirt and debris in detachable compartments on the handle, allowing the vacuum to be more powerful, as a thick bag does not block the motor. However, bagless vacuums are not as easily emptied as bagged systems.

New Products
➤    The Eureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh Vacuum features unique tools to tackle pet owners’ top cleaning challenges: pet hair and odors. According to Eureka, it out-cleans the leading upright by 45 percent at half the cost.

➤    The Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Garage Vacuum is a high-powered, centralized cleaning system that is specifically designed for easy cleaning of tough spills and messes.

➤    The Eureka Envirovac Vacuum is an eco-friendly, full-sized upright that reduces energy consumption, comes with a reusable, washable HEPA filter to lessen waste and utilizes 100-percent recycled cardboard packaging.

➤    The Beam Serenity IQS Vacuum offers a bright-blue, liquid-crystal display (LCD) on the unit that provides real-time information, telling the homeowner how efficiently the system is performing, when to empty the collection receptacle and when to contact a dealer for service. It also provides accurate time and temperature information.


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