Choosing Teak Tables and Furniture: Six Ways to Spot Quality

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We’ve all heard it before: all that glitters isn’t gold. The same rings true when selecting quality teak furniture for your home. When buying outdoor furniture, it can be quite tempting to choose the lowest price option, but the cheapest price can often leave you disappointed in the long run.

Teak wood has long been established as the best and most durable of all outdoor furniture options. This is due to its unique combination of the density of the wood, along with the natural oils and resins that grow in the wood. No other wood contains this unique combination of density and resin.

Shop for the best teak with these tips:

•  Country of origin – Teak is native to Thailand, Burma and parts of India. Teak is not native to Indonesia or China.

•  Age of tree – The best products on the market use trees that are over 40-years-old before being harvested. Furniture made from a 40-year-old Thai teak tree will appear darker than other products due to high oil content.

•  Kiln Drying – Premium teak is kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content.

•  Joinery – All major joints should be mortise and tenon joints.

•  Finishes – Brand new premium teak should never be stained or finished. Manufacturers do this to hide imperfections.

•  Metal pieces – All metal used should either be brass or stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion.

Premium outdoor teak furniture is made with the best materials and craftsmanship. Look for quality teak and the best value.



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