Christmas at Callanwolde Designer: Rhonda E. Peterson, Associate ASID

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Callanwolde is proud to have so many talented ASID Georgia Chapter interior designers working on this year’s Christmas at Callanwolde annual fundraiser, and we want to share their expertise and love of their field through this blog. Every day we will highlight one of the wonderful designers to get a feel for their style, personalities and inspirations.

Rhonda E. Peterson

Company: BAK Designs
Designing: The Guest Room


Rhonda's approach to design and her philosophy has made her one of Atlanta’s up and coming designers.  Her design aesthetic is fresh and sophisticated, using both classic and modern furnishings to create comfortable, contemporary environments tailor-made for her clients’ lifestyles.


Tell us more about your company and how you started.
BAKDesigns is a full service architectural and interior design firm that caters to Classic, Transitional, and Traditional styles.  Our passion is to assist our clients in acquiring the home of their dreams with the absolute finest furniture and exceptional accessories in the industry.  With a love for fashion first, it was no surprise that a passion for interior design would soon follow.  The home is the most important place in a person’s life.  For me, it started in my own home; wanting to create a haven for myself and my family.  After working for a large home furnishings retailer, I knew then how I wanted to spend my time.  I went back to school and loved it even more.  You know that quote that says, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”?  Well, that’s not all true, but it does come pretty close!

What’s your favorite Christmas song or carol and why?
My favorite Christmas song is “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music.  When I was growing up, my family always watched all of the classic Christmas movies; and although The Sound of Music wasn’t my favorite movie, the song always made me feel really happy.  There is something to be said for finding happiness in some of life’s most simple things.

What’s a favorite Christmas memory?
My favorite Christmas memory is when I was six years old, and my mom took my brother and me to Jefferson square to see Santa.  I’ll never forget it!  It was a cold, rain-drizzled evening, and the rain just seemed to make the lights glow even brighter.  I had on a little taupe leather coat that had the coolest leather-wrapped buttons.  The coat came to my knees.  I can remember hearing the Christmas music playing through the shopping center’s speaker system and everyone milling about, seemingly very happy, getting their shopping done.  It was just a very magical night for me; a memory that I always hope to have.  Thinking about it now is definitely a happy place for me.

What’s your favorite paint color right now?  What pairs well with it?
Right now, my favorite paint color is midnight blue.  I love the deep saturation of it!  It’s gorgeous and not as severe as black.  Benjamin Moore’s Evening Dove (2128-30) has so much depth!  It is a very mysterious, moody, and contemplative shade of blue.  I cannot think of a color it doesn’t pair well with; chartreuse green, gray, orange…I could go on and on!

What do you love most about your job?
I love that I get to be around some of the most beautiful things!  I mostly love working with clients, assisting them in designing their own little piece of their world!  In many ways, interior design is very romantic, poetic, and artistic all at once.  There is a feeling and a mood that is created in every space that I design.  I am very much a storyteller for my clients.  They give me bits and pieces of their lives, and I select, edit, and arrange the words on the page; or the elements in the room, if you will, to tell the reader (or guest), exactly who they are, or in some cases, who they aspire to be.  Isn’t that just amazing?  I truly love what I do.

What are current trends that you are seeing in interior design?
There are three trends that I’m seeing everywhere!  (1)  Men are definitely taking a more active role in the design process.  They are well-studied and very informed of what the newest trends and innovations are in the industry.  The industry has recognized this and is now designing furniture and accessories to accommodate their needs and desires.  Think about the clean lines and functionality of not only furniture, but appliances as well.  (2)  We are more focused, now more than ever, on how our clients live in their homes.  You may not see a traditional living room or dining room anymore.  We want rooms that we will actually use instead of rooms that are dedicated for “company” or special occasions.  We want rooms that can serve multiple functions and where everyone can feel a part of what’s going on without having to be in the middle of it all.  (3)  People are mixing high-end and low-end furnishings and accessories with old and new.  They are re-purposing that old armoire that has been in the family for ages, and taking those Ikea finds and making them into Dorothy Draper-esque pieces.  It’s all about making our personal mark in our interiors.  We are definitely being a lot more adventurous and not concerning ourselves with whether it matches.  We are creating very individual spaces that speak to who we are, and I love that!

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