Creative glass applications steal the scene in kitchens and baths

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Imagine the features of a perfect kitchen or bath: serene and sparkling clean. Every surface is both durable and beautiful. Sound impossible? There’s a clear solution that might surprise—glass. Glass is a timeless natural material, yet it is at the forefront of current home trends and more dynamic than ever. Using glass instead of other common kitchen and bath materials such as granite, ceramic tile and marble, for example, is fresh and unexpected. Here’s why:

In today’s kitchens and baths, glass materials come in a range of colors, textures and forms, providing delicacy or heft where needed. Translucent glass adds structure without increasing visual surface area. When extra pizzazz is needed, look no further than back-painted glass or a stunning glass chandelier. Local design and remodeling professionals as well as glass manufacturers are using the material in some creative ways, with great results.






Cool As Ice

Some of today’s glass effects have never been seen before and use technology to push the limits of design. Debuting at this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, ThinkGlass by Mailhot can be used in a variety of kitchen and bath applications and offers custom textures, colors, thicknesses and weights. But perhaps the most staggering design option is LED illumination, which gives the recyclable glass an ethereal, water-like glow. When colored light illuminates the glass, it becomes an eye-catching design element. On top of the aesthetic appeal, ThinkGlass is also functional for everyday use. A textured finish is applied to the glass to hide fingerprints and smudges, annual sealing is not required, and the non-porous surface is resistant to stains, scratches, mold and mildew.



Artistic and Eco-friendly

Vetrazzo recycled glass surfaces transform discarded glass bottles into luxurious conversation pieces. “If you look at the recycled glass surface industry, there is nothing that looks like Vertrazzo,” says brand manager Mary Warner. “Vetrazzo surfaces utilize a much larger glass aggregate, so it’s more jewel-like, and it doesn’t look like a quartz product.” The look is clean but colorful with a high-end, high-definition shimmer. The dazzling material can be applied to entire rooms or just to sinks, islands, tubs, showers, etc. More than just superior craftsmanship, Vetrazzo adheres to a strict set of earth-friendly practices, including sourcing recycled materials and its manufacturing facility locally.



Raise Your Glass

Becky Sue Becker, CKD, CBD, CAPS and principal of Designs by BSB in Atlanta, uses clear glass in kitchens to add unobtrusive countertop space. Becker has added height and functionality to kitchen counters by topping them with bar-level raised-glass surfaces. At first glance, the glass is barely visible, keeping the feel of the kitchen open and not weighed down by additional dark finishes. The technique, however, creates usable space both on and under the glass counter. According to Becker, raised-glass countertops “give a level of interest, yet do not divide space or steal the view!”



Bright and White

A variety of glass treatments was used in a recent bath project by Mark Galey, president and founder of Magnet Construction. Both the shower and a bathroom door feature frosted glass for privacy, the latter cleverly labeled “WC” and accessorized with a faceted glass door knob that resembles a fist-sized crystal. The expansive frosted glass panels softly filter light and lend a peaceful feel to the bath. Adding shimmer and shine thanks to an abundance of natural light and a crisp white color palette are two exterior windows, chunky glass wall blocks, mirrors and chrome hardware.



5 Easy Glass Upgrades

1.    Glass Hardware Atlas Homewares Dream Glass cabinet and drawer pulls,

2.    Glass Sinks Kallos Glass Lavatory by Kohler,

3.    Glass Tile Emphasis Glass Mosaic in Trencadis Diabolo by Dune

4.    Glass Light Fixtures Eldridge One-Light Convertible Pendant by Sea Gull Lighting,

5.    Glass Serveware The Cellar Mini Cake Dome,



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