Meet Darren Domino, Countertop Connoisseur and 2021 Rising Stars Fab 4

Darren Domino - 2021 Rising Star Fab Four Winner

Darren Domino | Age 27
Project Manager (Countertops) at Construction Resources

When Darren Domino was in college, he was studying International Business to be a negotiator of goods and services overseas. He was even learning to speak Mandarin Chinese. But one summer spent working in the home industry, and, as he puts it, that summer never ended. Now, after four years of earning top sales awards at Construction Resources, he’s a countertop expert that’s learned the best knowledge is knowing how to treat your customers. And that’s something you don’t go to school for.

What is your philosophy when it comes to the customer?
Always be honest, even if it isn’t what the customer wants to hear. Always educate the client on products and processes; never assume the customer already knows. Treat all customers the same, regardless if it is a small or large job. I always try to look at the project through their eyes.

Who are your biggest inspirations?
My dad has always been in the countertop industry and I always found it interesting. I have watched him be the CEO of both Top South and Toro Granite Inc., so I have learned a lot of my skills from watching him. One of my mentors, Mike Hahn, has taught me the ropes of quoting intricate projects and showing the customer respect. Both of them have helped me learn to develop long-lasting relationships with my clients.

How do you give back to the community?
My wife and I support needy families around the holiday season and donate to children’s hospitals, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, to help fund research and treatment efforts. I also play in multiple charity golf outings a year to help support a multitude of different causes.

What is one project that helped you grow as a project manager?
The Charles in Buckhead was a 20-story condominium with 50-plus units of extremely custom, high-end countertops. Each unit had different selections and different layouts. It helped me to become more organized than I have ever been in my life, because I had to double-check everything multiple times and oversee fabrication with extra detail to ensure that nothing was missed.

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