Decorating kids’ rooms

boy's bedroom

boy's bedroom

If there’s one room in a family’s home that changes the most, it is likely a kid’s bedroom. As children grow, their styles and furniture need change. While some change is inevitable, the following choices will endure the test of time.

Trundle day bed

Perfect for lounging, reading, sleeping and more, day beds are a popular option for kids’ rooms, according to Cecilia Staniec, ISD, ASFD, national designer for Kirkland’s home decor retail chain ( Add a concealed trundle, and you’ve got a great option for sleepovers!

Makeshift shelving

Cubes that stack and align to create shelving units are increasing in popularity, especially in kids’ rooms where adaptability is key. For a green option, check out the new Yube modules, made exclusively from recyclable and biodegradable materials, available online at for $29.50 each. You can configure these modules to create tables, desks, shelves, room dividers and more.

Storage bench

One thing that a child will always need is storage. Great for storing toys in a child’s younger years to keepsakes, blankets, sweaters and journals as they get older, a bench that doubles as a storage unit is a great item for a kid’s room. Place this at the foot of their bed, and they’ll have a piece that they can keep throughout their life.

Bulletin board

“Whether it’s a DIY project or a store-bought item, I love the function aspect of a creative bulletin board for any kid’s room,” Staniec says. “Keep party invitations, homework assignments or photos of friends displayed in one neat area. Plus, it can teach kids some organizational skills early on.”

Pillows, please

Most kids spend hours playing on the floor. Because of this, “extra-large floor pillows are a must for any kid’s room—from toddler to teenager,” Staniec says. “When you change the color and decor in your child’s room, get a new slipcover in a coordinating fabric for the pillows—just make sure it’s a heavy, machine-washable fabric.”

7 benefits of cork floors

1.    Cork flooring absorbs impact, so noise from dropped toys and bounding feet can be contained to the room. The cushioned surface also protects young children if they fall.
2.    Resistant to mold and bacteria growth, cork flooring creates a healthy, natural environment.
3.    Cork is naturally anti-static and hypo-allergenic.
4.    Cork is easy to clean and maintain—a vacuum and a broom are all that is needed.
5.    Cork comes in an assortment of designs and textures.
6.    The air pockets within cork make it one of the most efficient non-conductors of heat, reducing heat loss in rooms and retaining body heat by reflecting heat back through the feet.
7.    Cork flooring is made from recycled pre-consumer cork, left over from the production of cork


adjustable desk systems

Posture in Style’s line of fully adjustable desk systems can accompany children from preschool to high school and beyond. Components, colors, motifs and fabrics can be added or removed as needed, ensuring the furniture will always be the right fit. The company also offers highly adjustable chairs designed to grow with their users while adhering to proper ergonomic and isometric health conventions. The seat and back covers feature a clip-on design, making them removable and washable.
—Posture in Style,


expert tip

Don’t go with a heavily themed bedroom. Both you and your child will tire of it quickly.
—Cecilia Staniec, ISD, ASFD, national designer for Kirkland’s,

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