Design Review: Do Your Window Views Add To Or Detract from Your Interior Design?

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You’ve invested time, effort, and money into creating unique interior spaces that reflect your style and personality. Do the views from your windows flow with your interior design—or do they leave a bit to be desired?

Of course, the first thing we recommend is an instant makeover with farm-fresh, premium sod. Nothing spruces up an exterior space like a carpet of rich, green grass! You can also follow these easy tips to take your window views to the next level. Here’s how to start:

  • Sit on a chair or sofa that naturally provides a view out the window. Think of the window as the frame around a work of art.
  • Grab a pencil and paper and sketch what you see. Then, use clear page protectors or tracing paper to create an overlay of the elements you would like to add or highlight. Think about trees, shrubs, planting beds, rock borders, stepping stones, accent lighting, and water features.
  • Decide what you can do on your own and what projects you should hire out. Then, break the project down into phases or weekend-size chunks. Once you have a plan … get out in the yard and start having fun!
  • Be sure to add accent lighting outside to extend the beautiful show into the night. Solar lights require no complex wiring and can be used to highlight key focal points like rock walls, fountains, specimen trees, and walkways.

What happens outside is just half of the picture. Here are a few ideas for how you can add specific elements to your interior spaces to further highlight your good-looking landscaping:

  • Keep window treatments to a minimum to allow your beautiful view to be the star of the show. Consider using curtain rods that extend several inches past the window frame. Not only does this give the illusion that your windows are even bigger, it will also allow you to push the curtains aside and provide an unobstructed view of your lovely yard.
  • Incorporate accent colors in soft goods and accent pieces that coordinate with your favorite landscape features. Colorful throw pillows, decorative bowls, and ottomans are an easy way to bring the colors of daffodils, roses, daylilies, azaleas, and dogwoods inside. You can also change these design elements seasonally as the color palette outside shifts.
  • Don’t be afraid to capture the sun with metallic or glass accents that will sparkle year-round on sunny days.
  • Double the effect by strategically hanging a mirror that reflects the beautiful view from your windows. You’ll also reflect more sunlight into the room, creating a more open and airy feel.

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