Design Trends – What’s in – and what’s out – for 2015

Atlanta designers talk about 2015 trends
CRAIG DUNCAN, C. W. Duncan Designs, photography by Benvil Photography

CRAIG DUNCAN – C. W. Duncan Designs:
 Dear God, please let 2014 be the end of glass tiles. They are over, people! This is also true for the ubiquitous band of accent tile running through tubs and showers across America. Keep it simple!

I hope gray will continue to be the new brown in 2015. Gray seems to be growing in popularity.  I love it!  I’m not suggesting people get rid of the brown they’ve been using. Try combining grays and browns.  Fashion designers have been doing it beautifully for years.  I think it’s very elegant.

Wallpaper is huge! I’m booking wallpaper hangers months in advance now, so I’d say it’s back and better than ever.  Note: I’m not referring to grandma florals and boring stripes. Today, it’s all about natural woven papers, Grasscloth and unusual textures are plentiful.  I also love any wallpaper with a natural craft paper background (brown bag) with a crisp white graphic printed on it.



BARBARA ENGLISH – To The Trade Only:
What we see happening intown is a huge resurgence of renovations of historic homes in the older Atlanta neighborhoods.  The younger generation is moving intown en mass. The unique challenge is to preserve the original structure and intent with the main focus on updating bathrooms and kitchens to today’s standards. 

Suppliers of vintage fixtures, reclaimed lumber and craftspeople who can do the fine work of incorporating original trim and framing with the needs of today’s inhabitants are having a field day and are in high demand. Fresh ideas and a reverence to the original structure are creating a new design aesthetic in Atlanta. 

We are also seeing some of these trends influencing new construction both inside and outside of the perimeter as people shy away from the cookie cutter “formula” way of living.  New homes are sporting mid-century and craftsman influences. 



 One thing that’s on its way out is reclaimed wood furniture. When big box stores begin to knock off reclaimed pieces it’s only a matter of time until that race has been run!

Dark stained floors are also on their way out. Espresso, dark walnut and ebony finishes have been a popular trend for several years, so say goodbye to dark colors and hello to lighter natural floors.

Brushed Brass is coming in. Brushed Brass has been around the last several years but 2015 will really be the Year of Brushed Brass. It’s especially making its debut in lighting and tabletop accessories.

I love seeing the mixture of family heirlooms mixed with modern furniture trending. This creates Scandanavian interiors or  “Transitional” interiors. There seems to be more thought about filling your home with collected pieces rather than just buying something to fill a void in your home.


SHAWN ALSHUT, Studio A2, LLC - photography by Andrea Taylor Studio

My predictions for 2015: Color & Materials: Smokey shades of gray, soft neutrals, rich leather, marine tones, vibrant jewel and natural tones, even pastels. Metals mixing bronze, copper, steel, and gold with stainless steel and chrome.

Nature: Authentic finishes in rustic wood, stone, glass, organic shapes and patterns, indoor / outdoor furnishings, greenery, woven materials and soft, matte finishes.

Craft: New Appreciation for handmade, “authentic” items. Lighting, furniture, accessories, all customized for the individual project.

Mix It Up: Antiques, recycled items, traditional ethnic colors, patterns and textures, with contemporary design.
Remember, trends are cyclical. Your home design is about you. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”


ARLENE DEAN, Arlene Dean Quality Homes

ARLENE DEAN – Arlene Dean Quality Homes:
I see modern home design evolving from the white box contemporary – seen as cold and uninviting – to the “soft modern.” This style affords the same spacious floor plan but with gentler lines, more organic materials and warmer palettes.

My clients are all looking for high-tech upgrades and the ability to control their comforts and entertainment from their smart devices. We’re responding by incorporating smart-home ready features into our design like wireless access points, streaming music, television and video surveillance; these systems can grow as technology advances.

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