DIY Bloggers Beat: Tripod Planter

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Get a lift in the plant department with this DIY tripod planter. “In Honor of Design” blogger Anna Liesemeyer was inspired by her friend Justina Blakeney’s book, The New Bohemians, to create this DIY project that spoke to her own eclectic, bohemian-loving heart. This planter works well both indoors and outdoors—if you use a mixture of succulents, as shown here, it will be a breeze to maintain throughout the seasons, requiring very little water and a few hours a day of direct sunshine.

Aerial View of Tripod Planter


Weatherproof varnish

Tapered wooden legs and screws (found in the vintage section on Etsy)

Large wooden bowl (like a salad bowl)

Power drill

Potting soil formulated for succulents

Plants (like Jade Plant, Moss Rose, Hens and Chicks and Creeping Jenny)

Supplies for tripod planter


Tripod Planter on porch

4 Simple Steps

1. Spray the inside of the wooden bowl with a weatherproof varnish to seal it.
2. Drill three holes in the bottom of the bowl in a triangle pattern. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom to allow water to drain.
3. Attach the legs with the screws.
4. Fill the bowl halfway with potting mix. Place each plant about 2” apart. Fill in between the plants with potting mix, leaving half an inch of room between the top of the soil and the rim of the bowl. Spray lightly with water until the soil is slightly damp.

Side shot of tripod planter

About the blogger:
Anna Liesemeyer is a graphic designer by trade, currently running the lifestyle blog “In Honor of Design.” She planted her roots in the north Atlanta area and transforms her house into a home, one room at a time, with her husband and five children. 

Photos courtesy of In Honor of Design.

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