DogGoneHandy HandyMan Services Explains the Problem with Do-It-Yourself

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by Carla Schwartz

We all know that dreaded moment when something in our home breaks and needs repair. Attempting to fix it ourselves can often result in more damage and hassle. This is why a reliable and capable handyman service can’t be undervalued. DogGoneHandy, a division of Home Rebuilders, wants to be that service for you. Home Rebuilders president Bill Bartlett explains why DogGoneHandy HandyMan Services is the right choice.
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What are the services that DogGoneHandy offers?
DogGoneHandy has five technicians who are trained in a variety of skills. We offer full handyman services–including rot repair, light mechanical solutions, built-ins, kitchen and bath spruce-ups, and more.

What makes DogGoneHandy stand out from its competitors?
The professionalism of our technicians makes DogGoneHandy stand out, backed by an office that communicates well. We send out technicians who arrive on time, prepared to address the client’s needs and produce the work with minor disruption to the client’s home and schedule.

What are the advantages of hiring a handyman service rather than trying to do it yourself?
If you can’t afford to do it right the first time, you certainly can’t afford to do it right the second. Quite often the fix, or proper installation, is not as apparent as one might think. By hiring a professional you save multiple trips to the hardware store or lumber yard. You get a technician who is not just there to fix the apparent issue but to make sure it lasts the test of time.

For example, you have some rot at the bottom of a door. The technician would investigate to see why the door was rotting in the first place. Has there been any paint maintenance, or was it simply too long since the paint was last applied? Is there a cover on the door to help prevent splash? Are there limbs overhanging door?  Does the door face north? Is there pooling at the door entry? Then the professional might suggest corrections or an alternative door made with materials such as steel, fiberglass or hardwood. Perhaps the trim is also rotting. A solution might be PVC trim, which looks very much like wood when painted. So the professional handyman will certainly cost more than doing it yourself, but the fix will be less painful and should last longer.

Describe DogGoneHandy’s home improvement abilities:

There are many ways you can improve your home with small projects. In two recent projects we added a single window at the top of the stairs, and it made an incredible difference to the whole house. A simple portico entrance applied to the front of the house can increase the curb appeal immensely. Built-ins such as mudroom cabinetry or cabinets in the laundry, a simple bath spruce-up with a new vanity, paint and lighting can get the day off to a fresher start. And of course there is home maintenance which, although less spectacular, protects your investment and can make your home healthier and more efficient as well.

Check out more information on home maintenance and repair from Atlanta Home Improvement.

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