Edible Christmas Tree Topper Recipe

Cupcakes with frosting and edible Christmas Tree Toppers

Icing piped Christmas Trees on top of red cupcakesHow to make edible Christmas Tree Toppers for Cupcakes

Supplies needed
• Ice Cream Sugar Cones
• One cup of white frosting
• Three cups of frosting tinted green
• A 12” pastry bag and a #18 or #21 star tip.
• Optional – another pastry bag with a # 3 or 4 tip
• White and red sugar pearls

Prepare the cones:
Using an icing spatula, spread each cone with a thin layer of green frosting, just to cover each cone with a green base. Do all the cones at once and allow the base frosting to set for about 10 minutes.

With the pastry bag filled with green frosting, starting at the bottom of the cone,  pipe the first row of “stars”, lifting up the tip after each one to form a little point.
Continue to pipe rows, working your way up on each cone until the whole cone is filled in.  

Decorate the trees:
Using a small tweezer, or with steady hand, apply the sugar pearls in a pattern on the tree.  Alternatively, you can use a pastry bag, filled with white, red, and or blue frosting with a #3 or #4 round tip and pipe little round balls to resemble ornaments. Use your imagination! Cake decorating supplies including colored sugar are available in craft stores and will give you some great decorating ideas. 

Prepare the cupcakes:
Using a small icing spatula or a butter spreader, frost each cupcake with a smooth and generous layer of white frosting, applied about a ¼” thick and make sure the cupcake edges are covered.  Place each Christmas tree onto each cupcake, firmly planting it into the frosting base.  The trees will look like they are sitting on a bed of snow.


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