Expert Tip Monday: How to Use Brass in Modern Decor


Whether you have an older home (like me. Hello '80s!) or you just love the look of brass, you know the challenge of making this distinct finish look modern. Today we have Design Confidential’s Rayan Turner to help you make sense of what Schlage calls "The Great Brass Debate."

How to use brass in modern décor.

With the temperatures beginning to heat up outside and the spring season well underway, chances are you are either in the midst of an interior refresh or about to embark on one. When it comes to choosing the right elements to add to a space this season, many are looking to brass as a nice alternative to the more traditional seeming oil rubbed bronze or the cooler toned silver or stainless steel options that have formerly captured the market for most home related fixtures and interior decorative items.  

On the west coast the reemergence of brass as a staple in home décor and home fixtures has been well underway for quite some time, with retailers and consumers participating wholeheartedly in this warm hued metallic trend.

I recently participated in the Great Brass Debate, hosted by Schlage –  which solidified my belief that brass is something that may very well join the ranks of the other metallics in time, but that it may take a while for the rest of the country to join in on this trend in the manner we have out west.

If you are going to go for brass this spring, here are a few tips on how you might do this without committing to this look in such a way that would be expensive to fix or change:

1.    Add brass through home décor and accent pieces that are more temporary in nature, like furniture and accessories.

2.    Consider replacement cost. If you are dying to add brass to your home’s fixtures, choose door and cabinetry hardware, rather than shower heads or faucets that are higher in cost and more prominent. If you tire of the look, door handles and knobs are much less costly to change and Schlage offers over 1,000 high-quality decorative door products for ever-changing residential tastes.

3.    Brass looks amazing when paired with classic and contrasting pieces like reclaimed woods, white and gray marble and vintage décor. It definitely looks gorgeous with cooler hues like mint and blues, but brass can also complement those warmer shades as well. It’s a well-rounded finish that pairs and plays nicely with a wide variety of other things which makes it easy to incorporate into a home so don’t be afraid to combine it with those items you already love. It might work beautifully.

4.    Try the feature on picture frames for a gallery wall. The abundance of brass color in this space will help you envision your home in this new light and decide if it might be something you would like to take further, and may also help you decide on the shade of brass you happen to enjoy most.


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