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Industrial style apartment

Take this quiz to discover your favorite interior design aesthetic

Our quick five-question quiz will help you tackle the challenge of defining your home’s interior design style. Read each question and choose which item you prefer A,B, C, D, or E. When finished, count how many of each letter you have and then scroll down to discover your style. Once you have found your style read on as Lisa Gabrielson, interior designer and owner of Lisa Gabrielson Design, offers everyday insight into key elements of various styles and tips for incorporating them seamlessly into your house.

Finding the ideal coffee table is no easy feat. Which of these speaks to you?

Which of these luminary options would you choose to light up your design vision?

The right chair can do more than just provide additional seating, it can pull a room together. Choose the one you can picture in your dream space.

Style can be expressed in every nook and cranny of a space, even on the floor! Select the rug you would prefer to see underfoot.

It’s amazing how something as simple as paint color can completely change the feel of a room. What hue would you want to adorn the walls of your home?

If you answered mostly A’s your style is Modern Farmhouse

MOSTLY A’s “Made popular by Chip and Joanna Gaines, of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper,’ this style often incorporates relaxed furnishings, white walls, shiplap, subway tile, and a healthy dose of rustic wood,” Lisa Gabrielson, owner of Lisa Gabrielson Design, explains. The overall feel of this style is casual and clean while also being warm and family-friendly.


If you answered mostly B’s your style is Global/California Cool

MOSTLY B’s “Homeowners want to incorporate meaning into their houses and many do this through travel photos or collectibles. There are so many fun ways to incorporate these pieces, but my best advice would be to group similar items together for more impact,” Gabrielson says.



If you answered mostly C’s your style is Transitional

MOSTLY C’s “This style lies between traditional and contemporary,” Gabrielson notes. “It’s polished and put together with classic lines, tailored upholstery, and a good blend of masculine and feminine styles”.


If you answered mostly D’s your style is Industrial

MOSTLY D’s “Factory lights, metal piping, hard edges and reclaimed wood define this style, which largely appeals to younger crowds and men. It’s modern, casual, and cool—all of which are reasons why so many city restaurants have embraced it,” Gabrielson says.


If you answered mostly E’s your style is New Traditional

MOSTLY E’s Reinventing classic and timeless spaces, new traditional offers a fresh feel. It is ideal for those who want quality, comfort, and elegance without the stuffiness. Gabrielson notes, “This is often a layered look—incorporating history in traditional lines, art, and fabrics, yet applied with a youthful approach.



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