Four top reasons you should add a Sunroom to your home

Sunroom with kitchen and dining area

Sunroom with kitchen and dining areaFrom straight eave to conservatory, learn about DC Signature Series Enclosures

If you are unsure about getting a sunroom in the first place, let us help you decide. Here, we share some of the most amazing benefits this home addition can offer.

Exclusive Variety: We offer four basic architectural styles (straight eave, curved eave, cathedral, and conservatory) in endless combinations of sizes.

Sunroom with brick wall and floor to ceiling windowsWhatever the Weather: Sunrooms are the best way to make the most of the outdoors. You can enjoy summer sun or chilly winters without suffering through the adversities of the weather. The room can provide you with a great outdoor view, while keeping you protected from harsh ultraviolet rays or cold winds.

Lavish Lifestyle: For those who wish to add a hint of luxury to their lifestyle, a sunroom can be perfect. It could be the space where you can quietly read a book, or you can transform it into a lively game area free from unwanted interruptions.

An Intelligent Investment: A recent survey suggests that when selling a home, a sunroom returns around 70 to 100% of its original investment. So, if you are looking for a low-cost investment with higher returns, a sunroom is a recommended renovation option.


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Tamara DeSantis

Tamara DeSantis started DC Enclosures in 1988 and fast became known as the leading sunroom and pool enclosure builder in Georgia. From eye-catching aesthetics to the technical details of construction, she knows exactly what it takes to merge the outdoors into your home. Let Tamara show you the DC difference!

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