Great Garage Storage System Ideas

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You’ve taken the time to declutter and clear out unwanted items within your garage. Phase one…complete! Now it’s time to really reclaim your garage by getting it organized. Use these five tips to choose your ideal storage and shelving solution. You may even find yourself with more spare room than you know what to do with! 
Strength: How heavy are the items you need to store? Your system needs to be able to support weight of whatever is being stored, for as long as you own your home! 
Versatility: Your organization system should be adjustable. You’re not going to store and organize the same things all the time. You need to be able to move shelves or hooks wherever best fits your immediate organization needs. 
Attractiveness: You inevitably store things in your garage you don’t want inside, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. You want a system that organizes your things while still looking aesthetically pleasing.  
Adaptability: Make sure you choose a system that gets the most out of your space. Find a system that utilizes shelves and hooks to take the most advantage of your high ceilings. 
Ease of Installation: Find a system that can be installed in a couple of hours so that you can get back to organizing—and enjoying—your new spacious garage!
Founded in 1985, ShoreWall Systems is a family run business based out of LaGrange, Georgia. We manufacture quality metal shelving and hooks for residential and commercial use, and have a full staff of professionals serving the state of Georgia. We take pride in assisting customers with garage organization by offering complete customer service and a variety of high quality organization products to fit any size garage. Install your ShoreWall System yourself or have us install it for you!
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