Green Design

Men laying new hardwood flooring

In the past, kitchens and baths have been two of the biggest water wasters in the home. This year, not only are the new products high-performance, they outshine those of the past with their environmentally conscious ways and designer aesthetic appeal.



St. Charles Cabinetry

Green elements: Recyclable and hypoallergenic, this steel cabinetry is made with 70 percent recycled content. Dress up your kitchen with one of the new earthy powder-coated colors—there are 23 different hues to choose from.


Vetrazzo Countertops

Green elements: 85 percent of this surface material is made up of recycled glass, which primarily comes from curbside recycling programs. The other materials used are cement, additives and pigments. Choose one of the vibrant mixes to add texture and color to anything from bathroom flooring to kitchen tabletops.


Vinotemp Wine Coolers

Green elements: The Eco-Series line cools your vino with thermoelectric technology, which does not emit any ozone-destructing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Fit up to 60 bottles in these black and stainless steel mini-cellars.


Hansa Kitchen Faucets

Green elements: The Hansacuisine line comes complete with an adjustable hot water stop and an integrated eco cartridge, a water conservation device that provides a 50 percent reduction in both energy and water costs. Install one of these sleek-looking faucets and watch your water bill take a dive.


Panasonic Ventilation Fans

Green elements: The Whispergreen line of bathroom fans is 75 to 400 percent more energy efficient than the minimum ENERGY STAR requirements. Also great for kids: Turn on the nightlight feature—it takes long-lasting compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).


Broan Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Green elements: Named the first ENERGY STAR-qualified under-cabinet range hoods in the U.S., these save on energy big-time with efficient motors and compact fluorescent lighting. Pop their aluminum filters in the dishwasher and save time on cleaning, too.


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