Ideas For Festive Home Décor

Ideas For Festive Home Décor

Complementary Colors

Citron, soft gray, muted plum and shimmers of silver and gold create a high-end look that will last throughout the holidays. Elegant but understated, the cool tones offer unexpected warmth. The muted plum toss pillows create a crisp look and can easily be changed out next season. Armless slipper chairs accessorized with today’s hot hue, citron, provide just the right color intensity. Decorative silver boxes and silver-and-white candleholders on the side tables alongside crystal vases spilling over with pearls continue the lavish look.

A pair of glittery paper mache pheasants placed in the center of a coffee table creates a fascinating focal point.

Rustic trees and candlesticks add organic flair to a traditional red-and-green tabletop

How To Create a Vignette

Use these tips for arranging decorative items during the holidays and beyond.

Vignette: an artful grouping
•    Start with a flat surface: a countertop, fireplace mantle, window ledge, bookshelf, table, dresser, etc.
•    Select decorative objects such as candlesticks and vases from a personal collection to anchor the vignette. A theme, idea or mood can also guide the design.
•    Choose a unifying color palette. Use the same color scheme as the rest of the room or create a totally new one.
•    On the mantle or other flat surface, arrange decorative items of varying heights from front to back—never in a straight line— and in odd numbers of three, five, seven or more for added depth and dimension.
•    Add balance by choosing pairs of items that are large, strong and stately such as table lamps or sculptures.
•    Use individual pieces to fill in around foundational items.
•    Be creative with textures and finishes to create pleasing contrast. Mix shiny, natural and plush items such as silver, raffia and velvet.  
—Janet Prioleau



•  Interior design by Janet Prioleau

•  Photography by  Christina Wedge

•  Produced by Kali Mallard

•  Shot on location at Travadavi

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