Keep up the Good Work

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At the beginning of each season, it’s important to take stock of your home and perform maintenance to prepare it for the weather ahead. You should check furnace filters, as well as bathtub and shower caulking, monthly. Aside from these tasks, here’s a handy checklist for keeping your home in tiptop shape this spring and summer:


❏ Wash windows.

❏ Exchange storms for screens in windows and doors. Make sure you wash the storm windows before storing them for the following year.

❏ Check the fan and air vents in your attic to ensure adequate ventilation.

❏ Make sure your lawn mower is working and supplied with gas and oil.

❏ Check door and window locks for proper operation.

❏ Clean, repair and secure the downspouts and gutters.

❏ Use a sharp knife or other probe to push on the siding, windows and doors to check for rot under the paint.

❏ Look for peeling and cracking paint and inspect joints for failing caulk.

❏ Look for signs of insect or bird nests in soffits, eaves or attic vents. If you see signs of animal waste in a certain area, look around for the possible nest or culprit.


❏ Clean and care for exterior wooden pieces, including the deck.

❏ Examine your driveway for any damage, and repair any breaks or gaps.

❏ Look for flying insect nests on the outside of the chimney and on the overhangs of the roof. Remove them and repair any damage.

❏ Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

❏ Cut vines away from the house. Insects use vines and bush to enter into the house.  Vines can break up the mortar between the brick and blocks.

❏ Seal asphalt or concrete. Sealing will prevent water from entering and doing more damage.

❏ Inspect water supply lines and drains for stains or signs of leaking.

❏ If possible check under bathroom for stains, rot or other signs of water leakage.

yearly inspection

It is important to annually inspect and improve, as needed, these elements of your home. As any of these elements deteriorate, be sure to carefully repair, lubricate or replace them.
➤  Weatherproofing
➤  Insulation
➤  Appliances
➤  Door hinges
➤  Roof shingles and flashing materials
➤  Wash windows and screens
➤  Test sump pump and check drainage

did you know?

You should clean out the clothes dryer vent three times a year and vacuum the clothes dryer hose and its outdoor vent once a year.

safety first

It’s important to ensure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed throughout the home, and change the batteries twice a year.

ready for warm weather

Beat the rush and schedule air-conditioning servicing to have the condenser cleaned, refrigerant charged and filters replaced while the weather is still cool. If you wait until the temperatures start to rise, you may have to wait longer for your service.

turn stash into cash

Once you take care of your home’s exterior-maintenance needs, move your spring cleaning inside and focus on cleaning and decluttering your garage, attic, basement, crawlspace, closets and laundry room. Throw out what’s broken and beyond repair and donate what you don’t need or use anymore, or consider having a yard sale if you have enough items to include.

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