May 2012 Editor’s Letter

Men laying new hardwood flooring

Doing the best with what you have is a major theme of our May 2012 issue, one that I think will resonate with many of our readers faced with financial strains that have forced them to stay in their current homes longer than they expected. But there is good news for today’s homeowners. Now more than ever, there are ways to make your home into the living space you have always wanted. From a full-scale remodel to just a good clean, there are so many ways to make your home feel new.

If you live in a ranch-style home, as many Atlanta residents do, you may be extra puzzled about how to move forward with remodeling your space. There are some special challenges with the construction of these homes, including low ceilings, floor plans that are difficult to modify and more. I grew up in a ranch-style home, so when remodeler Robert Kauffman, owner of Kauffman Design, approached me about doing a story on ranch remodels, I knew I wanted to do it. While we have covered ranch remodels before (in our very first issue in August 2001), I thought it was high time we revisit the subject for a new decade.

Truthfully, there are many types of homes that have the same problems that ranch homes do. In the following pages, we offer some solutions that can make a big difference in these and other homes too. You will find that some of the most dramatic changes are the result of a professional rethinking the architecture of the home. While paint can work wonders, there is only so much redecorating that you can do when you really need a roof lifted or a wall removed. I bet you will be happier with the results of a professional job too.

If remodeling isn’t in the budget, you can still work with the home you have. There is something about a clean, organized and well-functioning house that beats just about anything. Use our spring cleaning checklist to get all your annual maintenance and repair tasks done. It will lift your spirits and add value in the long run.

3 Things You’ll Learn This Month

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  • Special Section: Windows & Doors–The top trends for today
  • Features:
  • Modern Style–Interiors with an edge
  • Outdoor Kitchens–Cook up some fun under the sun

Kali Mallard, Magazine and Social Media Editorial Director

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