Meet Long-Time Leather Furniture Specialist Scott Lobel

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An industry expert, Leather Creations provides high-quality leather seating to the Atlanta Braves and beyond.

Scott Lobel sits on one of his sofas at Leather Creation

Nearly 30 years ago, Atlanta native Scott Lobel left a secure family business sales position when he was recruited by his father-in-law, Sandy, to work at The Leather Factory, a manufacturer and retailer of leather furniture in California. Seeing how the entire manufacturing process worked, including leather hides transforming into a finished product, sparked his interest immediately. When Sandy, the well-respected founder and owner of the company, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Scott was thrust into the driver’s seat. “I was just a kid,” he says. “Suddenly, this beautiful, natural product was thrown into my hands and I had to learn everything about it.”

His father-in-law’s trust and guidance allowed Scott to get the industry exposure he needed. Wanting to be his own boss, he partnered with Alpharetta resident Barry Gold and put together a team of manufacturing and sales people and convinced them to take a leap of faith and move to Atlanta in 1994. “I found my passion. I loved the concept of being a manufacturer and retailer, so I told my father-in-law I wanted to give it a try on my own. He was supportive and even called a few friends in the industry to look after me,” he recalls.

Now, Scott, co-founder and president of Leather Creations™, is celebrating 25 years of that leap of faith. With six locations, including the brand-new 6,000-square-foot flagship store on Main Street near Downtown where repeat and referral business is the No. 1 source of sales, customers can come and experience the latest furnishings not yet available at the other stores. His leather specialists are on hand to help you select the best leather (all items are manufactured in Auburn, Georgia) for your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

The product is produced to the industry’s highest standards and the offerings in terms of styles and configurations are second to none.

One of the products he’s most proud of is the Verona. The comfy sofa, which comes with a fully motorized power headrest, reclines from within, giving the aesthetic of a stationary piece. “Some people don’t like seeing the ‘guts’ of a recliner, so you get the best of both worlds with the Verona,” Scott says. With more than 300 hues to choose from, the team will customize the look to your preference.

Leather Creations™ even offers a “made to fit you” concept where you can walk in the store and get “fitted” for a piece of furniture. “We have multiple styles and you can be fitted in up to three sizes [small, medium, large],” he says. Other features include the brand’s “free fiber for life” warranty. Meaning, as the sofa’s back pillow experiences regular wear and tear, Leather Creations™ will replace the fiber inserts inside. “We want your friends to come to your home and be shocked that your 15-year-old sofa still looks brand new,” Scott says. Always making their clients happy, the team at Leather Creations™ hit a major home run when they produced and installed their stationary sofas and Westchester reclining theater seating in the Atlanta Braves’ locker rooms and players lounges.

When Scott isn’t at work, you can find him playing tennis or spending time with his wife and kids. Some of his favorite local eateries include Salt Factory Pub, Rumi’s Kitchen, and South Main Kitchen.
735 N. Main St., Ste. 500, Alpharetta,
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