Mirror, Mirror

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By Guest Blogger Becky Sue Becker, CKD, CBD, CAPS

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? In the name of style and reflection, not all here are created equal!

The choices and objectives with bathroom design are numerous, and often times the mirror does not receive as much attention as it gets after installation! Applying makeup and shaving are a couple of the most important activities in the bathroom, often done without proper lighting or consideration to magnification. I recommend serious contemplation be given to address each persons needs. Style alone cannot win in this arena.

Mirrors can be stylish, interesting, and yes, even fog-free. Take a look at some of these mirrors and decide for yourself which is the fairest of them all!


This is the new Aluminum Series Mirror by Sonia, which completely eliminates the need to have a nearby table-top or wall-mount magnifying mirror. The company has installed a magnet on a pendulum behind the plate-glass mirror, which attracts a magnet that is concealed in the mini Magnifying Mirror! This allows the user to slide the small mirror anywhere on the large mirror. Bonus? When not in use, it can be pulled off the surface and stored away. Genius, I say. Designer: Sonia


If you are anything like me, it is a challenge to keep counter tops clean on a daily basis. This Hastings product allows me to relax and makes it an elegant design statement!


These fog-free mirrors are not only practical and convenient, but also stylish. ThermaSol offers four different, edgy designs to choose from, all featuring a beveled edge.


Now Robern by Kohler is a line of mirrors and medicine cabinets that I could blog about all afternoon! The quality, attention to details and design options are so numerous, that there is surely a style to meet the needs of any individual. Most cabinet models can be recessed or surfaced-mounted, and in addition be paired up with the perfect lighting at the sides, which illuminates your entire face and removes all possibilities of looking like The Joker. :)

Mirror 5

Anyone else remember the day of the popular tri-view mirror? While I do not miss my old ’80s Farah Facet hairdo, I do miss being able to see the back side of my hair without pulling out a hand-held. Here is Robern’s PL series, which has only one split, offering a cleaner look and in only 15 inches in width! The secret? An inner door. How about the mirror interiors? Nothing will be lost here.

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