Mix Patterns Like A Pro

Gorgeous living room design mixing patterns & textures

Gorgeous living room design mixing patterns & texturesIn a world of white kitchens (which we still love) and clean, tailored looks, we know how hard it is to resist a pop of pattern here and there. Designer Rosa Santiago Zimmerman seconds that, and encourages using more than one. She offers expert insight on how to mix patterns to make our spaces look stylish, not overly saturated—just like the one shown here.

“The patterns for this parlor began with the animal print chairs,” said Santiago Zimmerman. “We already knew that blue was our neutral base as it was the color carried throughout the first floor of the home. Combining an interesting and unexpected pattern, such as the golden hue of the animal print on the chairs, the brass tones of the chair legs, the wall mirrors and the cocktail table, and then tying it all together with an area rug combining earth and water hues, allowed us to create a space beautifully designed for the clients to live in, love and enjoy.”

Interior design using animal print with gold and brass tones

Here’s How To Do That Like a Pro In Your Space:

1. Create a Color Scheme
Start by picking out two or three colors to incorporate within your space. That way, the room won’t feel too busy or overwhelming before you’ve even started. You can choose one accent color to sprinkle throughout the room. “One rule of thumb that I like to follow is to start with a neutral base. Starting the process with a neutral base provides a foundation for all additional color, texture and pattern combinations. Textures can be added for depth.”

2. Mix Pattern Types
“Art is in the eye of the beholder, and just like art, the mixing of patterns is an art form,” said Santiago Zimmerman. “Solid colors are used to break up the patterns. Patterns can be on drapes, rugs, textiles or accessories. There are no hardline rules. The process should be experimental, driven by the feelings of the end user and, most of all, fun.”

3. Trust Yourself
Know and feel your style. There is no right or wrong. If it makes you feel good, go for it!


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