New Carpet Technology

Living room with Eco-friendly carpet
Expert: Jason Stanley
FloorMax Direct - Dalton
Address: On America’s Favorite Floors 3021 North Dug Gap Road, Dalton, GA 30720 US

Carpet, for all intents and purposes, had not changed dramatically for over 35 years, until recently.

For years, carpet remained stagnant – be it color, styling, or its ability to give consumers the experience they longed for. The more the market shifted away, the more the industry noticed it was time for a major change.

The first product line was Beaulieu of America’s Bliss.  This line had great new styles, was easy to care for, had soft yarns, handsome styling, and value in the changing economy. Suddenly, in a market that was experiencing a down turn like all others, carpet began selling. People started doing their bedrooms in carpet, and soon whole houses were ‘soft surface‘ again. Other major manufacturers followed suit quickly, And affordable, high style, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and care for items began to flourish.

One the best carpeting out there is our EPIC / ELEMENTAL line. Created from recycled plastic bottles and solution dyed, They are inherently stain resistant. In fact, their moisture absorption rate is less than Porcelain tile. That’s 400 times LESS than the leading nylon. Making this carpeting the easiest to clean spills up from. The continuous filament construction makes it soft to the touch, but resistant to traffic and wear, never shedding or fuzzing like other carpets do.

Truly an amazing transformation in carpet, a far cry from the stuff you had to steam clean, or the kind you vacuumed tuffs out of. Call it CARPET 2.0, for consumers who want more than regular old carpet.




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