NG Turf TifTuf bermudagrass

NG Turf TifTuf bermudagrass

If you are like many Southern homeowners, a lush, green lawn is a source of great pride—or jealousy, if it’s in your neighbor’s yard instead of yours! You water, mow, weed, feed, aerate, and do all the things you should. But your hard work is wasted if you don’t have the right grass to begin with! Sourcing your sod from NG Turf ensures your investment will last and produce a beautiful lawn that will be the talk of your neighborhood.

It starts from the ground up

Drive out to one of NG Turf’s area farms, and you’ll see beautifully consistent green fields. The fields may look easy to grow, but there’s a lot of science involved. Just one field can have close to a dozen different soil types and moisture profiles—each requiring a different set of nutrient amendments and amounts of water to create the consistent sod we have come to love.

So how do we do it?

It starts with GPS-assisted soil mapping to calibrate the unique fertilization requirements for each zone. The fields are also equipped with soil moisture sensors that communicate wirelessly with a “smart” irrigation rig, which provides exactly the right amount of water to each part of the field.

Plugged into the latest research

Take a closer look at NG Turf’s fields, and you will see a living, breathing laboratory for cutting-edge turfgrass research. University of Georgia turf scientists (creators of TifGrand, TifSport, and TifTuf bermudagrasses) use land on one of the NG Turf farms to conduct trials related to disease management, pest control, and new varieties. The NG Turf growers also work closely with researchers from Texas A&M University to field-test an exciting new variety of Texas bluegrass that will remain green all year in Georgia. It has better disease tolerance and summer hardiness than the green-all-year fescue varieties currently on the market. Bladerunner Farms, the creator of Zeon Zoysia, has thousands of varieties of zoysia in its breeding and testing programs. Several varieties have been selected for field-testing in Georgia on NG Turf farms. Who knows? The next world-famous zoysia variety may be growing on a NG Turf farm right now!

The ultimate stamp of approval

NG Turf takes the condition of its grasses so seriously that the Georgia Crop Improvement Association (GCIA) awarded its crops with a Blue Tag certification. That means sod from NG Turf is guaranteed to be insect-, weed-, fungus-, and contaminant-free. Each variety of grass is grown under carefully controlled conditions and inspected four times every year by the GCIA to maintain this Blue Tag status.

Autumn is a great time of year to install new sod in Georgia. The weather is warm enough to allow time for the roots to become established before winter sets in and rain is often plentiful. NG Turf delivers multiple varieties of zoysia, fescue, and bermuda throughout the metro area.




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