Oneida Builders, Inc. Offers Quality Remodeling Solutions for Atlanta Homes

When Rocco Sinisgalli began Oneida Builders, Inc. in 1997, he was a one-man show. He would arrive at the job wearing contractor garb, but as soon as the owner was out of sight, he’d change into work clothes
to tackle that day’s projects. The homeowner would return to progress, assuming Sinisgalli’s crew had labored throughout the day. Little did they know, it was Sinisgalli himself tackling one job after another.

Remodeled kitchen with large island and dark cabinetsToday, over 20 years later, Sinisgalli is no longer construction’s Clark Kent. Instead, the owner and president of Oneida Builders, Inc. delights in managing various teams. “I have great people that work with me, from administrative to marketing, to estimating, to design and carpentry. I am nothing without the people behind me,” Sinisgalli says.

That dedication to his craft and his people is what keeps customers returning to Sinisgalli. Oneida Builders, Inc. has a 98% referral rate, and 100% of current business is from return or referral clients. In addition to an incentive program that includes appreciation gifts, Sinisgalli credits his referrals to what he calls, The Oneida Way. “We do what we say we’re going to do,” he explains. “When there are challenges, they’re handled quickly. We work through obstacles and make sure the client is always satisfied because we’re really serving them.”

Recent renovation and return client Steve Ambo can attest to the Oneida difference. “What Rocco does exceptionally well is select his team. All of his trade partners are very good. They know what they’re doing, and to me, that’s the critical thing.” As a result, clients and trade partners are all on the same page about project expectations and schedules. Ambo continues, “Rocco is personally involved in everything. It’s not a big company. With Oneida, it’s really a direct relationship with the owner.”

That means if something goes awry, Sinisgalli faces it head-on. “My favorite part is when a homeowner voices their concern about something on their project, I’m able to bring the whole Oneida Builders team together and we provide options that result in satisfying their concern. What others see as a problem, I see as an opportunity.”

Sinisgalli’s passion is giving customers like Ambo their desired space without the hassle of big-box stores. His company is fulfilling neighbors’ desired spaces throughout their home. Two initiatives that accomplish this are: the 4- and 8-week kitchen services. The 4-week kitchen renovation is for those seeking high-quality service and materials at an affordable price and a reduced time frame. These projects typically range from $30,000 to $60,000. The 8-week kitchen, on the other hand, is an $80,000 to $120,000 investment but offers a highly customizable, often
first-floor encompassing renovation plan.

Living room with built-in electric fireplaceOneida Builders, Inc.’s excellent reputation goes beyond metro Atlanta, too. They recently received the 2019 National NARI Contractor of the Year Award for Residential Exterior Project under $100,000. In a sea of competition that included HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, Oneida took home the prize. “It’s like the Oscars!” Sinisgalli exclaims. “I mean, you just could never imagine that you would be recognized nationally. It gives clients the confidence that you are a professional in this industry.”

Being well-respected is particularly important because Sinisgalli chooses to live and work in his community. Fifty percent of Oneida Builders, Inc. business is within Dunwoody, 45% is in Sandy Springs, and 5% is in East Cobb. His favorite neighborhood spots include il Giallo Osteria & Bar, Brooklyn Cafe, and Flower Child, and you’re likely to see him at various events around town. He sees living in his business community as beneficial and motivational. “When you work in your neighborhood, you have to work to a higher standard,” he says. Challenge accepted.

Room with floor to ceiling brick fireplaceOneida Builders, Inc.,,
4675 N. Shallowford Rd., Ste. 205, Dunwoody, 770-396-1002.

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