Outdoor Floating Reading Pod By Chip Wade

Floating reading pod built outside by Chip Wade

Outdoor space with a ladder leading to a floating reading podCurl up with a fiction book in this floating reading pod.

Just when you think Chip Wade, designer, builder and host of HGTV’s “Elbow Room,” can’t come up with anything more creative than he already has, he surprises even his own construction team.

When homeowners Clete and Lauren Terrell, of Cumming, Georgia, approached Chip to design a solution for their lackluster backyard, they certainly weren’t expecting the engineering feat that he dreamed up.

Chip was inspired to create this unique wood-block wonderland when Lauren described her idea of a perfect place to escape everyday life. “When we go on vacation, the first thing we look for is a beautiful place to relax and read,” says Lauren.

Chip designed this innovative “reading pod” to look as if it’s floating in the air. But the structure is actually anchored to a tree and can only be accessed by a custom iron ladder. Thousands of foot-long wooden blocks were painstakingly screwed to the block beneath them, and the crew curved the walls perfectly, evoking the image of seamless fabric. 
“I chose Austrian spruce because I wanted a very light wood that would be seen easily against the dark backdrop of the forest,” Chip explains.

To match the whimsy of the floating pod, a flower bed with fantastical “boulders” (actually Styrofoam coated with a thin layer of colored concrete) was created at the base of the tree. Gray slate gravel chips in the beds matches the gray pillows and blankets inside the pod. Pops of citron yellow in the garden and inside the pod aren’t too bright—just enough color
to create a relaxing ambiance.

Chip Wade, wearing a hunter green shirt leaning against a treeChip Wade
• Atlanta native, resides in Johns Creek
• Owner and lead designer of Wade Works Creative, LLC
• Emmy award-winning host for HGTV network
• Expertise: Interior and exterior home renovation. Works with homeowners and DIYers to create stylish, functional living spaces.

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