Party Tips: 3 Ways to Throw Together a Green, Easy, Family-Fun Get Together

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If you're anything like me, the days of celebrating St. Patrick's day in a dizzying parade of pubs are behind you. Fighting the crowds doesn't sound fun and neither do the inflated drink prices. Plus, hello? It's a SCHOOL NIGHT. 

But that doesn't mean you can't have a quick at-home celebration with a few neighbors and their kids. Here are 3 quick and easy ideas to make it seem special but not exhausting.

1. Make These…

Why those grilled cheese with pesto? Because they check all the boxes for easy appetizers tonight. They're a) green b) great for grown ups or kids (just use store bought pesto and save the more sophisticated ingredients for the adults) and c) look at that photo! I don't know about you, but on this cold, rainy day those look extra delicious to me. Here's the yummy recipe.

2. Set a Kid's Table…

I won't laundry-list all the fun, crafty things kids can do on St. Patrick's Day. You know how to Pinterest. All I'll say is that a stack of cheap paper plates, some crayons, tape, cotton balls and green pipe cleaners can turn into rainbow mobiles, leprechaun hats and little pots of gold.  Setting up a kid's activity table makes the party more relaxing for everyone, especially the parents.

3. Raise Your Glass..

I just read some ideas for party activities that involve kissing papier mache blarney stones and reading limericks in fake Irish accents.

No offense but these activities would make me head for the door, or at least the guest bathroom. But you can replicate one fine Irish tradition in a fun, even meaningful, way. If the mood strikes, go around the room and have everyone propose a toast.

It can be funny, heartfelt…whatever the toaster happens to be feeling. Here are some thought-starters from Either way, it's an easy way to elevate your party from a typical weekday cocktail party into an evening of Irish "Craic". 

(Quick – what's Craic mean? Answer in the comments below…)

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