Personal Organizer Reveals Tricks of the Trade


personalorganizerChristinaGunbayBy Christina Gunbay, owner, Über Organizing

Spring is now upon us. It is the time of year that people traditionally spruce up the yard, but also the inside of their homes. What better time to implement some new organization techniques to help tackle everyday clutter? Not only does organization contribute to an increase in productivity and punctuality, which reduces stress, it allows for more time spent with family and friends. My favorite part, though, is the aesthetic improvement.

As a professional organizer, the most common inquiry I receive is “How do you do it?” At some point, I decided to devote some time to exploring this question. There are several strategies used in achieving organization; anyone who tackles an organizing job successfully uses them whether they know it or not. Follow them step-by-step or in no particular order:

  • Analytic assessments of systems which may already be in place provide a picture of what may already be working well.
  • The key to eliminating unnecessary clutter is purging items that have either no practical value or little sentimental value with respect to the available space or will not be used in the foreseeable future.
  • Defining designated areas for specific tasks will aid in maximizing productivity.
  • Taking note of available spatial parameters through measurement along with consideration of budgetary concerns will determine what types of new systems can be implemented.
  • Aiming toward the desired outcome will help with making the appropriate decisions.
  • Execution of the planned systematic changes will be the last step, followed by any adjustments desired to achieve optimum results.

Sound difficult?  Not really!  All it takes is some commitment and time. Many people these days just don’t have enough extra time to devote to such projects. Of course, you can always call in an expert to help!

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