Q&A – Why Shop a Showroom vs Big Box Store?

Noland Kitchen & Bath Showroom Manager, Jacki Phillips
Expert: Carol Padovano
Noland Bath & Idea Center
Address: 4084 Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340 US

Q: Why should a homeowner choose to shop at a showroom versus a big box store?

A: Showrooms give the homeowner a one-on-one design experience. There is a single contact for the whole process. We are able to present the customer with a professional and comfortable environment. Having products displayed in working displays and with professionally designed lighting gives the customer a better ability to visualize the end product. We are also able to present many more options for customers, including different manufacturers and quality levels.


Q:  In what situation might shopping at a big box store be more beneficial?

A: For a single item or simple project. Even then, we are competitive in price and offer far more options.


Q: What do customers looking to purchase at a showroom need to keep in mind?

A: Coming with an overarching goal in mind is important, however, our showroom consultants are trained in determining and guiding the customer to the best possible solution.


Q:  Do you have any advice for first time showroom buyers?

A: Come with an open mind to possible alternative options. Bring any plans, measurements and color palette selections.


Q: What sets your company apart from the competition (including big box stores)?

A: Not only are we located in a great location to metro Atlanta, but we will have an incredible remodeled showroom open in January. Along with the physical aspects of our business, we have knowledgeable consultants, and most items are in stock for same day delivery. We stock a much greater variety of manufacturers and styles than the competition. Our showroom consultants and sales staff often have much more specialized experience than those in the big box stores.

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