Safety Measures

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There are number of excellent security systems and services on the market, but if you’re looking at in-home gadgets to help beef up your home’s safety quotient, check out a few new finds.

Key free
Tired of digging in your purse in the dark for your house key while worrying about who may be lurking? Now, you can simply dial in your code and go! For example, the Keypad Entry Door Lock means no keys to hide, lose, carry or forget. It’s ready to use right out of the box, allows you to add, change or delete user codes in seconds and comes in a variety of styles and finishes to match your style. Schlage, (800) 847-1864,; $199-139
  Get closure
If you’ve ever woken up and found your garage door left open all night, you know the terrifying thought that anyone could have walked right in. Now, there is a smart solution called the Autocloser-GA. It has micro-controller technology, infrared light sensors and advanced software algorithms, which means it will automatically close after a set period of time. It comes with a disable button so you can intentionally leave the garage open too. Xceltronix Inc., (877) 748-8366, Inc.; $49.99
Simplified security
Cordless phone, weather alert system, security… InGrid is all that and easy to use.  The system comes with door and window sensors, a base, console, handset, keychain remote and more, depending on the kit you choose. Not only can you control it from the provided console or cordless phone, it can be controlled from your cell phone or the Internet.  Easy to install, the system comes with professional monitoring. InGrid, (877) INGRID-7,; kits range from $199-$299

Light up the night
Lutron, known for their home-lighting systems, now has the AuroRa. It is a pre-programmed, wireless, radio frequency lighting control system that provides remote control of lights in and around your home. The system can be integrated into a security-oriented package. For example, when your home alarm goes off all of the lights can be set to flash. Lutron, (888) LUTRON1,; $950
Lock it Up
➤    All doors to the outside should have working locks.
➤    All windows should have working locks.
➤    Keep all doors to the outside, sliding doors and windows locked.

Be Able to Get Out
➤    Make sure everyone can open all locks from inside your home.
➤    Don’t have deadbolt locks that lock with an inside key. You need to get out fast if a fire starts.
➤    Replace inside-key locks with deadbolt locks that have a “thumb turn.” Make sure everyone in your family can reach the “thumb turn” latch.
➤    Have window locks that open from inside. Do not nail windows shut.
➤    If you have security bars on doors and windows, have a “quick-release” latch. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to use the latch.

Don’t Help Intruders
➤    Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed under windows so burglars can’t hide.
➤    Keep ladders stored in a locked shed or garage so they can’t be used to climb into your home.
➤    Keep shades or curtains closed over garage and shed windows.
➤    Keep shades or curtains closed over your home windows after dark.

Gone a Few Days
➤    Make your home look like someone is there.
➤    Do yard work before you leave.
➤    Have a family member or friend bring in your mail and newspaper while you are gone.
—Home Safety Council

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