Should you go for that offer of a free sink?

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The best sinks in life aren’t free…

Not only is the idea of getting something for nothing something that appeals to the consumer in all of us, it makes a great marketing tool because it appeals to our inner-consumers.
So it’s no surprise that many are tempted to go with the free sinks you get with a granite or other solid-surface countertop purpose. How can you go wrong if it’s free, right?

Actually, you can. This is a situation where you really do get what you pay for, and snatching up your free gift might be a big mistake. All sinks are certainly not created equal, and anyone who’s had to deal with an inferior model will gladly tell you this. To begin with, quality sinks will have a brand name stamped on them, and that’s not just a convenience. In fact, industry certifications require it. An “anonymous” sink not only leaves you guessing as to its origin (meaning that it might be anonymous for good reason), plus without a brand association, there is no obligation to back up the product and its quality.

That quality extends to its materials. The thickness and metallurgy of the steel used to manufacture a sink is key to preventing rust and denting. 16 gauge steel is better than 18 gauge, and you, as the consumer, need to have control over those choices. You might want to consider deeper sinks with protection grids.

That hole in the top of your new countertop is unique to the sink you’ll be installing. This means that if you go for the free sink and have your countertop cut to accommodate it, then realize that you’re paying a price for skimping on your sink…you have a problem that might be quite expensive to solve. Another reason to choose wisely but not necessarily frugally.

Remember that your sink is not just where much of your kitchen time is sent, it’s also the focal point of your kitchen! You want it to be the showplace of your new countertop. 

And let’s not stop at the sink…or stop up the sink: items like your waste disposer, your soap dispenser, and other accoutrements should be looked at for quality and style. You’re making an investment in your kitchen and your home with your new countertop; don’t let it stop there.

All home renovation projects rely heavily on the choices you make. When it comes to your sink, it only makes sense to make those choices just as wisely as any of your other investments. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.

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