Small Spaces, Big Style

Wine cellar with brown leather stools

By Jennifer Colosimo

Photography by Angie Webb Photography

Designer Trish Roe, owner of The Georgian Goose, loves turning previously overlooked nooks into big pockets of surprise and whimsy. “Packed with personality and function, transforming small spaces adds an element of the unexpected to a home’s narrative,” she said. “It also adds value by maximizing every square foot of the house with style and function.”

Blue bathroom

Via a small DIY project or a major renovation, ideas include creating a reading library nook in a hallway, adding bold wallpaper to a powder bath or a secret playroom under the stairs. “Anyone can bring awareness and thoughtfulness to a space, no matter the size, and anyone can hop on this trend,” she said. “It can be done using your own personal touch, be it moody paint, patterned wallpaper, built-in shelving or oversized artwork, just to name a few. Any small space can come to life in a big way.”

We love what she did with this pocket-sized wine cellar, turning a tiny closet into something
culturally inspired and smart-looking with its tailored rows of storage and monochromatic wood grain. The jewel-box bathroom makes taking a break feel beautiful with the help of luxe wallpaper and pop-color trim paint. Light fixtures add the finishing touch.

Pro tip

When designing a small space, balance is key. Ensure that key pieces like furniture and rugs are proportional to the room for comfort, and then go big on the pattern, colors
and accessories.

Brunette woman in green suit

Trish Roe, founder of The Georgian Goose, believes in working closely with clients to create homes that tell a story—mixing bold patterns with warm, layered neutrals and blending transitional and modern aesthetics with antique treasures.


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