Solar power myths and facts

House using solar power

House using solar powerHave you been thinking about solar power and wondering if this energy source is right for you? Better Tomorrow Solar reveals the truth about some of the common myths about solar power.

Sunlight—a phenomenon most experience every day and tend to take for granted. But the sun’s rays are so much more than a convenient source of light; they are also an unlimited supply of clean energy. Imagine a cascade of bills and coins falling from the sky and clattering off into your gutter, never to be used. With solar arrays, you can harvest that free energy and use it to offset both your power bill and carbon footprint. You’ll also be cutting down on other pollutants like carbon monoxide, mercury, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, lead, VOCs, arsenic; it goes on and on with coal.

So why isn’t everyone racing to go solar as quickly as possible and start saving now? Well, there are some unfortunate misconceptions about the uses and effectiveness of solar power clouding the collective consciousness. Here are some common myths about solar that the experts at Better Tomorrow Solar encounter most often and the truth behind them. 

MYTH: Solar Energy is complicated

FACT: Modern-day solar arrays function on a ‘set it and forget it’ basis. Once they are mounted and the process of interconnection with the electric grid has been finished, they will quietly absorb sunlight and power your home for decades to come with little to no maintenance required.

MYTH: Solar Power is expensive

FACT: If you can afford to pay your current power bill, you can afford to go solar. There are many game-changing options for financing solar and people are making the leap for as little as $0 down and payments that are less than the savings on their power bills.

People who go solar see an average of a 40-60% reduction in their power bill. In addition, there are often local incentives for solar and generous utility rebates. For the remainder of 2020, there is a 26% Federal tax credit on solar. This will drop to 22% in 2021.

MYTH: Solar brings down property value

FACT: Solar is a sleek, chic addition to a rooftop. Not only that, but there is a growing body of evidence that a
home solar system increases the resale value of a home. Berkeley Lab found that a standard solar system installation increased the value of a home by about $21,000. The Appraisal Institute found that solar homes increase $20 in value for every $1.00 in annual energy savings.

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