Stay Extra Cool by the Pool with Mother Nature’s Perfect Decking – Grass!

Lady near a pool walking on TifTuff Bermuda grass - NG Turf

Lady near a pool walking on TifTuff Bermuda grass - NG TurfNothing beats a cool dip in the pool on a warm day – until you step out onto the blazing hot deck. Many traditional hardscape or decking materials can get hot enough to cause first degree burns in just a few seconds.

The simple (and more affordable) solution? Sod!

The green hue of healthy sod contrasts beautifully with the blues and whites of today’s modern pool materials. The palette combination really pops.

A backyard oasis surrounded by vibrant green evokes a tropical vibe. You’ll feel instantly relaxed and blissfully separated from the chaos of life “out there”.

If you are worried about clogging up your filter system with clippings or dirt, you can use pavers or stepping stones. Create defined pathways on the most traveled paths – like between the pool and the patio or the pool and the back door of your home.

Take care when mowing or adding chemicals to your lawn. Your landscaping company may need to be told to mow, edge, spray, and blow with their equipment pointed away from the pool. (Give them a few lessons on how to use the skimmer, too!)

If you enjoy boisterous pool fun (read…lots of splashing), you can use hardscapes around the portion of the pool that gets the most action and install sod around the rest to achieve a similar look and feel.

Parents do like the softer surface that sod provides compared to hardscape decking. Kids bubble over with joy near the pool and that often means lots of running, skipping, and jumping. Sod is much kinder to tender toes, knees, and elbows!

Over time, your grassy pool deck may develop yellow spots from chlorine or salt damage. Patching is easy with certified sod from NG Turf. Be sure to make note of the variety you choose, and you’ll get a perfect match every time you repair. (If you have an ozone or ultraviolet pool system, you won’t need to worry about yellowing at all!)

Zoysia and Bermuda turfgrass varieties do best around a pool. They are both drought resistant and can tolerate the heavy foot traffic around a busy pool.

One final note – be sure to check your local codes. Some municipalities and neighborhood covenants have strict regulations about pool surrounds and may limit or even prohibit the use of grass as a deck alternative.

Available now…TifTuf Bermuda. The most sustainable and drought tolerant sod in the Southeast! Perfect for your backyard pool renovations. For details call 770-431-1344  or visit our website

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