Meet Sydney Nunes, Project Manager and 2023 Rising Stars Top 10

Sydney Nunes

Sydney Nunes | Age 33

Project Manager at Alair Homes

Sydney Nunes has been out to prove herself as a construction professional since the early stages of her career. From hands-on training as an apprentice carpenter to NARI’s certification program and her work today as a project manager, Nunes has always worked hard to earn the respect of clients and trade partners. She hopes her success might inspire other women who want to roll up their sleeves, strap on their tool belts and work in the home industry.

What encouragement can you offer other women facing challenges in this industry?
Don’t give up! We are more accepted in the field today than we were in the recent past, but we still experience challenges our male co-workers don’t. I try to take it all with a grain of salt and remain self-confident that my experience and education make me just as capable–if not more–than anyone else on the job site.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
When I was beginning my career, an experienced co-worker told me to seek out the lead professional and carefully watch what he or she was doing. Then, next time, take the tool from the lead’s hand and do it myself.

Who do you look to for motivation?

My son is my main motivation. He is only four and already understands what I do. He loves it when I join him to play with his building blocks and toy hammer.

What should I know before a remodel?

It helps to be flexible. There are almost always unforeseen situations common on every project, but we know how to come up with solutions to complete the job.

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