The Benefits of Hard-Wax Oil Flooring

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The American design community and hardwood professionals alike are embracing the introduction of European-inspired, hard-wax–oiled hardwood floors here. Despite the U.S. market’s strong affinity for polyurethane-finished flooring, oiled floors have been the standard in Europe for centuries—a well-maintained oiled floor’s beauty is actually enhanced over time.
All-Natural Ingredients
Hard-wax oil is made from all-natural ingredients. The oil penetrates deep into wood fibers to protect from within, while moisture-repelling waxes remain on the surface, creating an appealing matte finish and protective layer. Hard-wax oil nourishes and protects the wood while preserving its natural look, which is often lost with the higher luster of polyurethane finishes.
Minimal Maintenance Required
Spots and scratches on hard-wax oiled floors are simply repaired by buffing with a small application of the hard-wax oil. By comparison, polyurethane finishes create a thick film on the surface of wood that’s extremely durable, but repairs are difficult because the finish does not chemically bond to layers below it and grips only where the surface has been thoroughly abraded. Thus, these floors typically need to be sanded and refinished over time.
An oiled floor provides a warmth and refinement that is difficult to achieve with acrylic or polyurethane coatings. Its rich patina is only enhanced with age and use; the more it is walked on, the more beautiful it becomes.
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