North Georgia Windows shares why fiberglass windows are the best option for your home.

If you’re window shopping, consider fiberglass. The benefits of this strong, durable frame material make this window a top choice among Georgia homeowners.

From the first window that was simply a hole to let out smoke, craftsmen have worked to create the perfect window. Early efforts made from wood looked great but these nice-looking windows could not handle Georgia’s hot and humid climate. Vinyl windows came along next, and though they would not rot, there are still many vinyl issues like unsightly aesthetics, structural problems due to expansion and contraction, seal failure, and more. Metal windows quickly went by the way side in our market because of the lack of energy efficiency and condensation problems. And although many other window products have come along combining multiple frame materials like metal-clad wood or other composites, unfortunately, these windows are made of the same materials that will eventually fail.

After 20 years in the window business and the opportunity to study, sell, and service almost every type of window, North Georgia Replacement Windows is truly blessed to offer the absolute best residential window in the country that is made of a patented fiberglass material. Fiberglass windows have exceptional strength and stability. This allows for narrow frames that brighten your home with more daylight while increasing your views and comfort. 

Our Infinity from Marvin fiberglass window was designed by a veteran wood window architect so it looks like a traditional wood window without all of the negative properties like maintenance and thermal expansion. North Georgia Replacement Windows is the only authorized window dealer in Georgia to offer the Infinity fiberglass window. The window is custom ordered and installed by North Georgia Replacement Windows and comes with a limited lifetime product warranty and lifetime service warranty. With Infinity fiberglass windows, you will only have to make this decision once!

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